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Figura 1: Concentracions de TAFI en malalts amb diabetis tipus 2 i en controls sans
Melsa: extirpar o o no extirpar, aquesta és la qüestió

Mate causes neonatal abstinence syndrome

Mate is a very common infusion in many South American countries. It's prepared by steeping dried leaves of yerba mate in hot water. UAB researchers have observed a neonatal baby, whose mother is a heavy consumer of mate, who presented increased jitteriness and irritability,...

El mate provoca síndrome d'abstinència durant la lactància

Technique for improving ultra-wideband (UWB) technology

In the field of wireless communication, ultra-wideband technology allows obtaining very high data-rates with diverse applications such as high accuracy radars and multimedia transmissions. However, the particular characteristics of ultra-wideband signals make their...

TV-LCD d'alta definició
Kidscreen. Foto: Flickr
Oclusió de vena central de la retina.

Study of electron transport at the nanoscale

Quantum Mechanics describes with precision the behavior of the nanoscopic world, but we can only solve its equations for very simple systems, consisting of just two or three particles. Researchers from the UAB have developed a new method for calculating the behavior of many particle...

Inorganic carbon to improve wastewater treatment

Wastewater Treatment Plant biological reactors where a complex population of microorganisms is grown degrading the organic matter of the wastewater. In this work, researchers have studied a possible way to eliminate, as well as organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorus, two...

Carbó inorgànic per millorar la depuració daigües residuals
Descrites les mutacions d'un gen que provoquen anèmia de Fanconi