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New polyfluorinated liquid crystals

Presently, liquid crystals are compounds of great interest due to their applications mainly in the fields of electronics and optics (displays). Molecules that form them must show thermal, chemical and photochemical stability. Moreover, these compounds must exhibit liquid crystal behaviour for a...

Figura 1. Micrografia ptica d'una fase esmctica A quan s'illumina amb llum polaritzada (200C).

The use of RNA interference as therapeutic tool

The latest discoveries in the field of RNA interference have revolutionized our knowledge of molecular and cellular biology. They have allowed to advance in therapies to treat serious diseases, like HIV. But this article proves that, at the present time, much is left to...

Cultiu cellular
Unes ressonncies magntiques nuclears ms rpides i efectives
Efecte de camp indut magnticament en transistors basats en nanotubs de carboni
Obra de Magritte

Peruvians in Chile: the challenge of intercultural education

Peruvians form nowadays the group of largest presence in Chile. This phenomenon has caused a rise in discrimination, xenophobia and racism among the Chilean population. Therein lays the importance of intercultural education in our society; it is as a...

Peruans a Xile: el repte de l'educaci intercultural

Plants and child health in the Bolivian Amazon

Researchers of several universities, among them UAB, have analyzed the relation between the ethnobotanical knowledge of Tsimane´ mothers -an ethnic group of the Bolivian Amazon- and the health of their children. Researchers have concluded that children with mothers with...

Nenes Tsimane'