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Imatge distorsionada d'adolescent enfront del mirall
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In vitro fertilisation: enhancing cryopreservation

In the field of in vitro fertilisation, the oocytes used can be either fresh or cryopreserved. The advantages of cryopreservation are evident, but there is also a strong disadvantage:  fertilisation efficiency is significantly lower. This work explores a method to...

Imatges de microscòpia confocal d'oòcit bovin madurat in vitro
E. coli creixent en agar

Abortion in Andorran cows

Neospora caninum is a protozarian parasite that causes abortions in dairy and beef cattle around the world. A research carried out by UAB scientists has studied risk factors for Andorran cattle. The results suggest that the locations of the grazing sites can enhance horizontal transmission and that some breeds...

Tres dones lleugerament obeses i cors
Fórmula de Cockcroft
Cél·lules hepàtiques expressant el gen <i>reporter</i> GFP