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Nanoscience: importance does not lie on nobility

The field of metallic nanoparticles (MNP), one of the nanoscience fields with most projection, advances daily. The exceptional characteristic physical and chemical properties of these particles make it possible to use them in electrochemical applications. However, this can...

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More biodegradable organic wastes

The treatment of organic solid waste to obtain compost – which can be used as soil conditioner or fertilizer - is a complex process. However, certain physico-chemical and biological characteristics are required in a waste to be successfully composted. When...

Residus orgànics de dificultosa biodegradabilitat
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Headlamp systems through the lens

Continuous innovation in headlamp systems also implies an improvement in how they are assessed. These assessment systems are based on dynamic comparison, i.e., experts or users themselves assess the quality of headlamps by means of different driving tests. The disadvantages of this...

Comparació de seqüències
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Bacterial survival genes

A new advance in genomics research will allow for a better understanding of cellular and molecular life in oceans. In this case, the analysis focuses on the marine bacterium Polaribacter sp. MED152, a microorganism widely found in oceans which has survived in carbon-deficient environments and cannot always find...

Colònies de Polaribacter sp.MED152 creixent en placa
Potser el lapse de temps entre un TST i un TIGRA influeix en el resultat d'aquest últim