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Pancreas: ultrasounds for a better diagnosis

Non invasive techniques are essential for diagnosis in medicine. One of these techniques is the ultrasonography, an exploration technique that registers the echoes of acoustic waves inside the body. One of the applications of the ultrasounds is the exploration of the pancreas.

Una de les aplicacions dels ultrasons és l'exploració del pàncrees

Optimizing the composting

Composting is established as one of the cleanest alternatives to manage our residues. Nevertheless, at industrial scale the composting also takes its disadvantages, as the production of ammonia. New methods of measurement of the biodegradable elements of the compost might solve these problems.


Virgin goat's milk

For many years dairy scientists have induced lactation by means of direct injection of estrogen and progesterone. A new advance allows to improve the effectiveness of this treatment in dairy goats thanks to reserpine, a prolactin releasing agent.

Braguers de una cabra avans y després del tractament amb hormones


Prova Guille

The "prodromic" tremor: a new symptom of Parkinson's disease

Parkinson's disease is a neurodegenerative illness that still raises many doubts for the medical and scientific world. However thanks to the efforts of the scientific community this complicated puzzle is beginning to take shape. A good example of this are the...

Imatge sobre el mal del Parkinson
Igor Mel'Cuk

Reconstructing past temperatures

The analysis of archeobacteria, the oldest organisms in our planet, can contribute to discovering the temperatures seas and lakes had thousands of years ago and reconstructing the Earth's climate history. ICTA researchers have improved the existing method for analyzing them, by reducing the time of...

Anàlisi d'arqueobacteris

Cerebrals abnormalities that affect learning

A research group of the UAB Institute of Neurosciencie have studied, in rats, the consequences of the injury of a brainstem zone in the capacity of adaptation to new cognitive demands. The outputs obtained may help to design future strategis to reduce certain...

Nucli pedunculopòntic tegmental en el cervell de rata

Small phonetic differences

Fine-grained phonetic differences and frequency of use must be present in the lexical representation of words.  The author reviews experimental data and current models of phonology and lexical access to test this hypothesis.

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