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3Q: Paul Spence

Paul Spence is Senior Lecturer at King's College London, where he has twice acted as Head of Department for what is the only academic department of digital humanities in the world. Paul Spence has worked as a journalist, has an academic background in Spanish and Latin American studies and is an expert in digital...

3Q: Juan Uriagereka

Juan Uriagereka is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Maryland. A close associate of Noam Chomsky, he has published articles in the most prestigious journals in the field and books with international publishers like MIT Press, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Blackwell and Routledge....

NEO: Learning languages while you cook

Two researchers from the UAB worked on the European LanCook project, a new method to learn languages while cooking. With the help of digital technology, this new method promotes learning languages in real-life situations.