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Two Mars tsunamis destroyed the planet's shorelines

Mars' shorelines destroyed by tsunamis

A research with the involvement of the UAB reveals the existence of deposits and forms caused by two tsunamis which destroyed the shorelines of an ocean in northern Mars, with megawaves reaching heights of 120 metres. The study has been on the home page of Nature.


Conservation policies threaten survival of indigenous people

Conservation policies make difficult the access to forest resources such as hunting and wild plant gathering. An ICTA-UAB study recommends implementing conservation policies which take into account indigenous societies, their culture and the changes they are facing.


Microbial biosensor designed to evaluate water toxicity

UAB researchers have developed a paper-based biosensor covered in bacteria which detects water toxicity. This is an innovative, simple and inexpensive biological tool which can detect several contaminants and can be easy to use in economically restricted areas or developing countries.


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