Viu a la UAB


UAB Inaugurates ICTA-ICP Building

The new headquarters of the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology and the Institut Català de Paleontologia Miquel Crusafont have been inaugurated on Friday 10 October. The new building is unique in Catalonia thanks to the sustainability criteria with which it was constructed.


New method helps learn languages while cooking

Two researchers from the UAB have worked on the European LanCook project, a new method to learn languages while cooking. With the help of digital technology, this new method promotes learning languages in real-life situations.


Bronze Age Palace and Grave Goods Discovered

Archaeologists from the UAB shed light on the rich historical and archaeological heritage of the site of La Almoloya, located in Murcia. A silver diadem discovered in the royal tomb is the only one from that era conserved in Spain.