Oldest Neanderthal tools in the Iberian Peninsula discovered

A research conducted in collaboration with the UAB at the Aranbaltza site in the Basque Country reveals the existence of 90,000-year-old tools built by Neanderthals, the oldest samples of Neanderthal-built tools ever found in the Iberian Peninsula. The study was recently published in the journal PLOS ONE. Read more

New computer vision technique counts large crowds

Researchers from the CVC-UAB and the University of Florence have developed a new technique based on an algorithm which allows estimating the number of people in large crowds through images with more precision than before, with a 10% to 20% margin of error. Read more


Optimizing the employability of former elite athletes

Since January 2017, the Research Group in Sport Psychology (Grup d’Estudis en Psicologia de l’Esport, GEPE) of the UAB, participates in the project ‘Be a Winner in elite sports and Employment before and after athletic Retirement’. Read more

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