Image: El Sindrůn archaeological site. CSIC

New proof that Neanderthals used plants to treat illnesses

An international study published in Nature, with the participation of Karen Hardy, ICREA researcher at the UAB, for the first time analyses the dental plaque DNA of Neanderthals and reveals the complexity of their behaviour, regional differences in their diets and even their use of plant-based medicine to treat pain and illness. Read more

Film edition affects spectators’ eye-blink rate

According to a study by the research group Neuro-Com, audiovisual professionals blink less than other people. The results could have applications in audiovisual production environments, as well as in patients with attention deficit or visual problems. Read more


A European project to improve HIV prevention

The objective of COBA-Cohort project is to establish a European cohort of HIV-negative men who have sex with men to better understand HIV testing patterns and the spread of the virus among this population. Read more

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