Primer fotofàrmac per lluitar contra la malaltia de Parkinson

First photoactive drug to fight Parkinson's disease

A research team led by the UB and with the participation of the UAB designs the first potentially therapeutic photoactive drug to fight Parkinson's disease. The drug is effective in animal models with the disease. The research was published recently in the Journal of Controlled Release. Read more

Districtes Industrials i enclavaments migratoris

"I am Romanian, but Castelló is my home"

Industrial districts are key to how migrant enclaves are integrated into a new destination. A study from the UAB and the UJI has studied their influence based on the case of Romanian inhabitants of Castelló de la Plana, creating a successful model of social and economic integration. Read more



Optimizing the employability of former elite athletes

Since January 2017, the Research Group in Sport Psychology (Grup d’Estudis en Psicologia de l’Esport, GEPE) of the UAB, participates in the project ‘Be a Winner in elite sports and Employment before and after athletic Retirement’. Read more

FEDER co-funded projects