Viu a la UAB

On 26 November 2009, the Universitat Aut˛noma de Barcelona obtained recognition as a Campus of International Excellence.

Campus of International Excellence
Teaching Research International Structure Budget and finances
81bachelor's degrees (2015-2016) 79Phd programs (2015-2016) 5.3%foreign bachelor's degree students (2014-2015) 13UAB teaching centers Ą308 Mliquidated expenditure budget (2014)
143official master's (2015-2016) 4.186PhD students (2014-2015) 32.7%foreign graduate students (2014-2015) 57departments 64%public income in total budget (2014)
(24,799 full-time equivalent) (2014-2015)
618PhD theses (2013-2014) 25%English-taught master's degrees (2015-2016) 44UAB research centres Ą44.1 Mobtained from competitive research calls (2014)
2,339official master's students (2014-2015) 3,240articles published in indexed journals (2014, Thomson Reuters WOK) 5.9%foreign teaching and research staff (2014) 1,621total permanent research and teaching staff (2014) 15%research funds obtained from competitive European calls (2014)
8,486UAB master's degrees and graduate students (2013-2014) 9New companies at Parc de Recerca UAB (2014) 43.7%papers from international collaborations (Scimago SIR 2015) 2,350administrative staff (2014) Ą16.1 Mresearch agreements and services (2014)

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