University faculties and schools

Faculty of Biosciences

With an academic offer in consonance with that of the most prestigious European and American universities, these studies include the opportunity to spend an academic stay in one of these universities.

Faculty of Sciences

Its academic programmes cover all areas of sciences and provide students with a solid training in the fields of research, industry and health.

Faculty of Communication Studies

A faculty in constant transformation, always up to date with the latest technologies and in tune with new phenomena with the aim of converting them into tranferable and comprehensible knowledge.

Faculty of Education

With an innovative teaching proposal, the faculty is a committed centre and one of the best valued both nationally and in Europe in the field of education.

Faculty of Political Science and Sociology

Of the first to implement these types of studies, the centre focuses on the internationalisation of its academic activities and on professional work placements.

Faculty of Law

With over 40 years of experience, the centre provides solid intellectual training based on the essential values of the conception of a more just society.

Faculty of Economics and Business Studies

The centre maintains its commitment to internationalisation by offering a large part of its studies in English. It also offers work placements through the University and Business Programme.

School of Engineering

Vanguard studies offered in one of the most important technological and industrial areas of the country, with the largest concentration of R&D and high-tech companies and centres.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

With over twenty bachelor's degrees, the centre offers one of the most complete study offers available in the languages, humanities and social sciences fields.

Faculty of Medicine

The most important hospitals of the Barcelona area include the faculty's teaching unit. During the past two decades, medicine students of the UAB are the one to receive the highest entrance scores (MIR) upon completing their studies.

Faculty of Psychology

The centre is internationally recognised for its research activities. It was the first centre to include work placements as part of its degree syllabus.

Faculty of Translation and Interpreting

The centre offers that largest range of translation languages available in this type of faculty. As an international model, it is known for the high number of lecturers and students at the centre coming from other countries.

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

One of the best in Spain and in Europe. It was awarded the Certificate of the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education in recognition for its quality as a teaching institution.