Descobreixen alteracions bioquímiques en els pacients amb la malaltia de Lesch-Nyhan

Biochemical alterations revealed in patients with Lesch-Nyhan disease

An international study by the Institute of Neuroscience, Emory University and Hospital Universitario La Paz shows that patients suffering from Lesch-Nyhan, a rare neurological disease, present biochemical alterations in skin cells, urine and cerebrospinal fluid. Published in the PNAS journal, the research will allow to advance in the study of this disease, which currently has no cure.

ICTA conflictes ambientals

Environmental justice defenders victims of violence and murder

Grassroots movements halt environmental degradation in up to 27% of environmental conflicts worldwide, according to a study by the ICTA-UAB. Activists are victims of violence in 18% of cases, and of murder in 13%, and figures increase when indigenous peoples are involved.

Campus buit. Gespa.

The UAB advances towards phase 2 of deconfinement

The University continues to work remotely in all areas in which on-site presence is not essential while the exceptional nature of this health crisis persists, and will allow some activities which cannot be conducted away from campus.


 Presentation of the UAB

The UAB in 15 minutes!

Want to discover the UAB like when schools come to visit us on campus... but without having to step outside and in just 15 minutes? If you come closer to the screen, you'll be able to smell the grass!



Interview with students volunteering during COVID-19

Communication Studies' student Ana Figueras and Physiotherapy student Javier Álvarez are volunteering in the COVID-19 support programe at the Vall d'Hebron Hospital. They talk about their experiences here.