Descobert el mecanisme d'adhesió a les cèl·lules humanes de Mycoplasma genitalium

Mycoplasma genitalium's Cell Adhesion Mechanism Revealed

Researchers from the IBB-UAB and the IBMB-CSIC and  have discovered the mechanism by which the bacterium Mycoplasma genitalium (Mgen) adheres to human cells. Mgen is a sexually transmitted bacterium responsible for several genitourinary disorders. The discovery opens the door to defining new therapeutic strategies to fight this pathogen which is becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics. Read more

Doctor Honoris Causa Jaume Plensa

Plensa defines art as "introducing beauty into people's everyday life"

Sculptor Jaume Plensa was awarded an honorary doctorate on 6 November at the UAB after having dedicated his career to "introducing beauty into people's everyday life", according to his acceptance speech. Read more


New book on Human Evolution by Jeroen van den Bergh

Human Evolution Beyond Biology and Culture: Evolutionary Social, Environmental and Policy Sciences is a new book written by ICREA Research Professor Jeroen van den Bergh at ICTA-UAB. It offers a complete account of evolutionary thinking in the social, environmental and policy sciences, while creating bridges with biology.

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