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All onsite and online activities available to help you discover the UAB. If you lean closer towards the screen, you'll be able to smell the grass, and if you come to our campus, you'll smell it even more! 😊 Many new activities are waiting for you, so join our list of news!

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Latest news:

UAB Campus Visits

From 15 January to the end of July

Would you like to visit the UAB accompanied by students currently enrolled at university? You can choose from two different types of visits, and either visit the UAB campus with your classmates, or with your family and friends. Just choose a day and time by filling out the corresponding form. Sign up now!

Campus Visits YouTube version (S4)

"Racons Amagats": New Season

Victor and Laura star in the 4th season of campus tours at UAB: "Racons Amagats", a video series to discover places and services on campus. Do you think you will know any?

UAB's virtual fair for Master's Degrees, Graduate Courses and PhD Programmes

From the 27th to the 31st of May

Over 150 information sessions with the directors and coordinadors of Master's Degrees, Graduate Courses, and PhD Programmes, where you will know in detail the different studies that UAB offers. See more.

PDF guides & catalogues

PDF guides & catalogues

These guides offer information on academic programmes, grants and financial aids, mobility, work placements, etc. Download your copy of the UAB's PDF guides. And don't forget to download a copy of all our catalogues as well!

Secondary school visits

January - May

UAB lecturers visit secondary schools or offer online sessions to offer future university students all the information they may need. For more information please visit this link

Open Days videos

Open Days Videos

On this page you will find the videos of a large part of the informative sessions that were carried out, listed by faculties and schools offering each degree.

Videos: Virtual Minors Fair

The videochats of March 1

The professors of the UAB offer of minors explain to you what these studies consist of and solve doubts from future students. Don't miss it!

Minor's virtual fair

Friday, March 1st, 2024

Attend the minor's virtual fair and meet the lecturers who will be giving these classes. In addition, they will tell you everything you want to know about minors and clear up any doubts you may have. See more

Study at the UAB: advice for Chinese students

在巴塞罗那自治大学 (UAB) 习:对中国学生的建议

Horacio, a Chinese student at the UAB, stars in a series of videos to explain the university to future Chinese students. The videos are recorded in Chinese and you can activate the subtitles in Chinese or Spanish.

Campus Visits YouTube version (S3)

Discover the Erasmus programmes available at the UAB!

Alex Figueruelo stars in the third season of campus visits to the UAB, a series of videos in which you can discover the exchange programmes offered by the university.

UABecedari (S3)

The UABecedari is back!

You can now view the third season of the UABecedari, a video series in which you can learn about university concepts.

UAB official store

Discover the new UAB Official Store!

Sweatshirts, T-shirts, mugs, water bottles, tote bags, backpacks, notebooks, pens... You can now buy all the official UAB merchandising at the Abacus Store in the Plaça Cívica, or online.

Campus Visits Youtube version (S2)

Explore the UAB with Eric and Paula!

Eric Sobrevia and Paula Ferrer take over from Anna Ventura and Sandra Lleida and become the new UABer YouTubers visiting the UAB campus. In the first season, our UABers visited the faculties, but there is still a lot of the UAB to discover.

Videos: UAB's Virtual Fair for Master's Degrees, Graduate Courses and PhD

The last online fairs videos!

Still deciding which master, graduate or PhD programme is the best for you? Watch the videos of the UAB's Virtual Fair for Master's Degrees, Graduate Courses and PhD Programmes.

UABecedari (S2)

UABecedari Season 2

The UABecedari, the university video dictionary, is back with new letters in Season 2, so you can get to know the university even better.

Camina la UAB!

Campus videos 

Through the campaign Camina la UAB! Per un campus més saludable i sostenible, you can see some walking routes between different points on campus and discover a little more about the UAB.

Campus Visits YouTube version (S1)

Explore the UAB with Anna & Sandra!

Two UABer YouTubers, Anna Ventura and Sandra Lleida, visit the UAB campus... but instead of your typical boomer videos, they make funny videos, YouTube style. 

Videos: Why the UAB?

30 and 90 second videos 

Some UABers explain in very short videos why they chose the UAB, and why they recommend you choose it as well. Choose the UAB and discover your own reasons! 

UABecedari (S1)

UABecedari, a video dictionary

Do you want to start university but still do not know much about the university world? Don't miss out on the UABecedari, the first university video dictionary. Come on in and take a look!

Video: the UAB in 15 minutes

Discover the campus and its degrees (video in Catalan)

Professor Màrius Martínez offers all kind of information about the UAB just like when school centres come to visit the campus or when UAB lecturers travel to secondary schools. If you come closer to the screen you will surely smell the grass!

UAB Open Days

7, 8 and 9 of February 2024

Almost 400 online information sessions on the academic programmes offered by the UAB held during three days. Registration is closed. See more

Family Day

4 May 2024

Come visit your future university with your family. Get to know the faculty where you will be studying and all the services we offer on campus.

Visit the UAB, the campus and its services:


Contact us

Do you have any questions about the UAB? The InfoUAB is here to answer them all! Contact our Information Point and discover the wide range of academic programmes, facilities and services offered by our university.

UAB Vila

Have you visited the Vila yet? 

At the UAB, in addition to learning, you can also make it your home. The Vila has more than 600 apartments for 2,100 students. Discover what the Vila has to offer in this virtual tour or through a bird's eye view!

Cultura en Viu

Cultural promotion at the UAB

Enjoy our stable cultural programme and our artistic courses in music, dancing, writing and theater with academic recognition. Visit the Cultura en Viu website and discover how culture never stops and stays alive online!

First time in the library

Discover the UAB Libraries

Still not sure about the services and facilities offered by the UAB Libraries? Discover them on their website, clear up any doubts through WhatsApp or Pregunt@ and make your first time in the library a complete success!

elDirectori: UAB student associations

The UAB student associations haven't stopped

The UAB student groups have not stopped and continue organizing activities, now also online. Take a look at the elDirectori's blog or follow us on the Community Involvement Unit's Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Bachelor's degree webpages

All our bachelor's degrees at your fingertips

Cut-off marks, tuition fees, access, study plans, enrolment procedures, etc. All the necessary and up-to-date information you need. Check out all the details of each of the UAB's bachelor's degrees!

Master's degrees and graduate diplomas

UAB master's degrees and graduate diplomas

Tuition fees, where lectures take place, career options... all the information you need on master's degrees and graduate diplomas. And if you still have more questions, you can fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

MOOCs for secondary schools

Online UAB courses

In addition to the courses offered by Coursera, we will also be offering all of the UAB's MOOCs online free of charge to secondary school centres during the confinement period. Contact us at

UAB Barcelona Summer School

June - July

Make the best of your summer! Live a university experience very close to Barcelona, with subjects in English and at one of the most prestigious universities in Europe. Take a look!

International Welcome Days

Are you from another country?

At the International Welcome Days you can discover all the activities you can enjoy during your stay at the UAB, as well as meet other local and international students while participating in workshops and talks. Don't miss out on it!

Fundació Autònoma Solidària (FAS)

With the FAS you can be an active part of social transformation!

At the UAB you can participate in social actions, development cooperation, volunteering and more. The FAS gives you tools to form part of an active citizenship and social transformation. The FAS is open for you to discover it!

Service for Inclusion at the UAB

Get to know the PIUNE!

If you are a student with a disability or specific educational needs, attend the information session that PIUNE offers to future students and learn about the adaptations and resources that fit your individual needs and are made available to you at the UAB. Find out more!

Summer courses for high school students

Live the summer at the UAB

The UAB Institute of Education Sciences offers summer courses for Baccalaureate, Training Cycles and 3rd and 4th ESO students. You will see super variety topics. Places are limited, sign up here!

Campus Ítaca

June - July

With the Ítaca Campus, you can experience the UAB campus as a high school student. You will participate in a series of both educational and entertaining activities. Our objective: to help you discover the university and invite you to continue studying after secondary school.

Argó Programme

Throughout the academic year

The Argó Programme of the UAB Institute of Education Sciences facilitates the transition between secondary school and university, through different activities aimed at both secondary school students and teachers: workshops, courses, stays, educational research and the Argó Award.


Projecte Brúixola

Do you need a UABer to help you decide? 

The Institute of Education Sciences is organizing this activity in which UAB students will advise you and help you decide what to do when you finish high school. Sign up!

CROMA 2.0 Programme

Discover CROMA 2.0!

The Fundació Autònoma Solidària (FAS) helps primary school children with difficulties in school or integration issues, and those at risk of exclusion, through active workshops offered by university volunteers. Find out more about CROMA 2.0.

Visit the faculties and schools:

Telecos Olympiad

Take part in the challenge!

Test yourself individually or in teams in the Telecos Olympiad where you will have to develop a project that relates telecommunications to a current topic.

Biology Olympiad

Are you a fan of Biology?

The UAB's Faculty of Biosciences is one of the venues of the Biology Olympiad of Catalonia, a competition addressed to students in their last year of secondary school and interested in pursuing a career in this field of science.

Maths Saturdays

Are you a f4n of m4th?

Aimed at high school students, Maths Saturdays are an activity to show you what math is like in today's world through lectures and practical workshops.


A technology fair at the UAB 

MEMEnginy is a free activity organised by students of the School o fEngineering that brings the professional world closer to academics. Don't miss out on the workshops and conferences by the technology companies attending.

Mathematical Olympiad

Get ready for the Olympiad

The Mathematical Problem Solving Sessions (RePMat) of the UAB Department of Mathematics, in addition to being useful for preparing for the Olympiad, are also an introduction to simple techniques that students can use both in secondary school and at university.

Geology Olympiad

Do you like Earth Sciences?

The UAB is one of Catalonia's Geology Olympiad headquarters. In the Geolympiads, in addition to academic competition, you can take part in a multitude of complementary activities such as practical workshops, geological excursions, conferences, etc.

Interactive Chemistry Activities

Do you feel a passion for chemistry?

If you are a high school student and you like chemistry, come to the Interactive Chemistry Sessions, an activity in which you can conduct experiments in the laboratory of the UAB Faculty of Sciences and which will make you even more excited about this field!

Geography in Action

Are you interested in geography?

If you are finishing high school and are curious about geography, the Geography in Action activity is for you. During this activity you will be able to experience what it is like to study a degree in geography and what possibilities it can offer.

Law Fridays

Do you like law?

If you are studying high school and are thinking of studying a degree in law, do not miss our Law Fridays, an activity that will make you an apprentice lawyer where you will monitor, prepare, present and resolve a current case.

Physics Saturdays

Discover the world of physics

If are in high school and you like this field, come to Physics Saturdays! You will attend conferences of professionals in this sector and you can also visit and experiment in the laboratories of the UAB.

Interpreter for a day

Know the secrets of interpretation

If you study ESO or Baccalaureate, the UAB's Faculty of Translation and Interpreting invites you to participate in this activity where you can be a conference interpreter for a day and you will discover how people work in this sector.

Classical Olympiad

Show your knowledge of classical culture

If you are a baccalaureate student, the science of antiquity degree invites you to participate in the Classical Olympiad, which consists of two different tests of Greek and Latin. Sign up!

Tech Party UAB

Videogames and University

The UAB School of Engineering hosts the UAB Tech Party, a meeting for video game lovers where you can find match broadcasts, talks by professionals in the sector and the University e-Sports competition.


Nanoscience and nanotechnology

The UAB Faculty of Sciences participates in the 10alamenos9 Festival, an activity that seeks to bring you closer to nanoscience and nanotechnology through workshops, seminars and visits.

Economics Olympiad

Is the subject of Business Economics your top?

Join the local phase of the State Economics Olympiad at the UAB Faculty of Economics and Business Studies. In addition to beeing selected, you can win free 1st year tuition fee in one of the bachelor's degrees at this faculty. Do the numbers!

Other activities including the involvement of the UAB:

Science Week


During Science Week, the UAB campus joins the initaitve of offering science and technology outreach activities held throughout Catalonia.

Secondary School and Baccalaureate Debate League

Do you like debates?

The Debate League, organized by the Xarxa Vives d'Universitats, is a public speaking competition in which several teams of 4th year of Secondary School, baccalaureate and training cycles from different educational centers debate a controversial and current topic.


Research, technology, innovation

With EscoLab you will get to know the workshops and laboratories of the UAB and you will talk with its researchers. Visit the Veterinary Faculty, the Institute of Neurosciences or the Port of Scientific Information. Get informed!

Mad for Science

Do you have a scientific vocation?

If you do 1st year of Baccalaureate and you are passionate about science, the Mad for Science program will make you have direct and practical contact and discover witnesses from researchers who are professionally dedicated.