Nanoplastics alter intestinal microbiome and threaten human health

A review study led by the UAB, the CREAF and the University of Aveiro concludes that nanoplastics change the composition and diversity of gut microbiome in vertebrates and invertebrates. The effects of a widespread and prolonged exposure to nanoplastics observed in animal models can be applied to humans.

Mans d'una persona gran

More reliable pain diagnosis tools needed in people with dementia

A study conducted by UAB and UNIZAR researchers concludes that a better pain assessment in patients with severe cognitive impairment is possible, using more reliable tools and spending more time with patients, developing standardized guidelines and specific training for professionals.

Balearic donkey. Photo by Jordi Jordana

New data on the evolutionary and history of donkey coloration

Researchers from the UAB and from the CRAG recently participated in the most complete donkey genome study ever conducted, in which researchers verified that the domestication process occurred in northeastern Africa some 6000 years ago and that the human preference for intense coat colours favoured the selection of a gene regulating pigmentation in both donkeys and horses.

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