Milloren el mètode AGGRESCAND 3D

Computational method increases design efficiency of protein-based drugs

Researchers from the IBB and the University of Warsaw recently presented an important update to their AGGRESCAN 3D computational method, which facilitates and reduces the cost of developing new generation protein-based drugs, diminishing their propensity to form aggregations and keeping them stable and active for a longer period of time. Read more

Guanyadora Tesis 4 minuts

New winner of the “4 Minute Thesis” competition

Míriam Rosàs, a PhD student in Advanced Immunology, won first prize in the UAB's “4 Minute Thesis” competition. She was awarded a cash prize of 800 Euros and will represent the university in the final phase, organised by the FCRI and to be held on 4 June. Read more

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