Management of national grants

Research Management Area

Competences and responsibilities
  • Manage competitive research aids and subsidies: dissemination and support in research calls, applications, resolutions, modification in concessions, etc.
  • Management of collaborations between the university and businesses in R&D terms.
  • The coordination of research issues with other central and departmental areas, study and research centres and university institutions.
  • Management of all issues related to data obtainment of UAB scientific activity and production (research groups, departments, centres, institutions) and used in decision-making processes.
  • Obtainment of aggregated and sectorialised indicators (research lines, scientific disciplines, basic research structures, etc.) and visibility in scientific production.
  • Support and execution of activities based on UAB scientific policies (vice rectors' offices).

The Research Management Area is organised into three specialised units:

  • Contracts and Agreements Unit
  • Resource Management Unit
  • Scientific and Technical Services Management Unit

The Research Management Area also includes a Front Office which offers the following services:

  • Gather documents addressed to the different sectors of the area and review their adequacy with the aim of avoiding duplicities in procedures and/or tasks, in accordance with technical directives.
  • Offer information and support in person and over the phone on research related processes.