HR Excellence in Research UAB The HR Excellence accreditation identifies institutions with favourable working conditions for their researchers

HR Excellence in Research

The consolidation of the European Research Area (ERA) involves the development of a research area unified and open to the world, based on a market in which researchers, scientific knowledge and technology circulate freely. The ERA has also served to attract the best talent for developing their research careers in Europe.

In this context, EURAXESS -Researchers in Motion- was launched to provide access to a wide range of information services and support to researchers who want to conduct their research career in Europe or who want to continue linked to research activities in Europe.

One of the pillars of the EURAXESS aims to improve employment and working conditions for researchers in Europe and to help enhance the attractiveness of the research career in Europe. One of the cornerstones is the implementation of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.



The Benefits of the Euraxess Portal for Researchers and Institutions, N4M+ Project (English webinar).