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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
School forDoctoral Studies

Transversal Activities

PhD programmes include both transversal and specific activities in the area of each programme.

Transversal activities are useful for people who are doing their doctorate outside their area of knowledge, since they offer the opportunity to acquire transversal competences during the training period of the PhD programme. They are elective activities. You can find the transversal activities organised by the UAB and presented by the School for Doctoral Studies in all together in this section for quick and easy access to the information.

For the specific activities, you can find the information in individual folders for each of the PhD programmes.

Within the transversal activities, the Language Service of the UAB offers language courses specifically addressed at PhD students: the course Support for writing a doctoral thesis in Catalan and the course Thesis writing in English.

The Doctoral School also offers some seminars related to the competences of Industrial Doctoral Research such as How to validate your research, Technology-based intellectual property, Leadership techniques, Home office or How to expand your network of contacts to get a job, among others. The activities offered may change each academic year depending on the trainers' availability. In the description of each activity the course language is also detailed.

For further information on how to get the attendance certificates for transversal activities, please contact Gestió ed.transversals@uab.cat.

To include these activities in your academic record, please check this video (click on the subtitle icon at the bottom right corner). Select the type of activity 65 (Transversal Activity) and write the name of the activity in the field “Description”. It is highly recommended to fill this field in the three available languages (Catalan, Spanish and English).

Below you can find the available courses. These activities are exclusively addressed to early stage researchers enrolled at UAB Doctoral School as students of a doctoral programme offered by the UAB. Please bear in mind that the scheduled activities may be subject to some changes.