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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
School forDoctoral Studies

Ceremonies and Events

The School for Doctoral Studies, together with UAB Alumni, organises an event every semester for the award of PhD degrees and PhD special prizes.

With 68 PhD programmes, the UAB is one of the leading Catalan universities in the production of theses and generates approximately a third of the doctoral theses that are defended in the Catalan university system each year.

With the PhD degree and PhD special prize award ceremonies, which are held twice during the academic year (around May and November), the UAB demonstrates its appreciation for the effort and dedication of young researchers and their contribution to the generation of knowledge.

The main value of the UAB is its human capital and the new doctors are an essential element for the continuation of excellent lines of research. That excellence is based on the quality of the PhDs as a distinctive indicator.

The PhD special prizes confer value to theses which have stand out for their contribution and advance in the different areas of our University.

The prizes are awarded per academic year, in accordance with PhD regulations and with the criteria specified in each PhD programme.

You can consult the list of special prize awards (in Spanish) on this page.

To attend the ceremony you will receive the corresponding invitation to the act when the degree has reached the university or when you have been awarded the extraordinary prize.

The dates of future ceremonies are: 17-5-24; 15-11-24; 16-5-25; 14-11-25; 22-5-26; 20-11-26; 21-5-27; 26-11-27; 26-5-28; 24-11-28; 25-5-29; 23-11-29; 24-5-30; 22-11-30