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UAB International Tracks (IT) are packs of subjects, mainly on undergraduate degrees but sometimes also on Master’s degrees, related either to a particular topic or interdisciplinary area. These tracks can count for between 24 and 30 ECTS credits and are taught entirely in English during the first or second semester of the academic year, depending on the track. They may have up to 3 components: a study component, a research or work placement component, and an optative subject component. The aim of this programme is to give international students from different academic disciplines the opportunity to study for a full semester at the UAB.

The ITs ensure that there is compatibility with the timetable and that the certification shows transferable credits. The topics covered in the ITs may be specific to an area or central theme, or interdisciplinary. Apart from the central topic of the track, all tracks have a subject in arts and humanities, and social sciences that students can take as a complementary course