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Artistic courses

Artistic courses recognized with ECTS credits

In Cultura en Viu we want the campus of the UAB to be a place for artistic education and creation. Therefore this is one of the objectives to which we dedicate more resources thus make possible the Theater, Music and Dance Classes.

These activities are spaces for training and  regular artistic creation in which you have the opportunity to start or continue with your training in an artistic discipline. The highest level of each Class is called Stable Group and there are currently 4.

          Stable Group of Theatre
          Chamber Choir

The Stable Groups are composed basically of members of the university community, both students and teachers and administrative and service staff, who work together under the direction of a professional with recognized artistic and educational career. Being part of the Stable Groups requires high dedication but it has an important reward.

In addition to the Groups, we offer initiation and mid-level artistic courses of theatre, dance, music and writing. The proposal for this second semester of this academic year is:

Initiation to urban dance

Vocal technical trainig

Initiation to theatre performance in English

Theatre and climate emergency



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Information for all registrations

The assessment and obtaining of credits depend on the assistance 80% of the sessions, and the presentation of essays required by the teacher, as well as other criteria that the teacher or responsible for the activity may establish.

Limited places in all groups.

It is not possible to recognize more than 6 ECTS credits per academic year for carrying out artistic activities.

All dates and times are subject to last minute changes.