The facility

Resource Centre for Student Societies

The Resource Centre for Student Societies is the support centre for student societies and student councils of the university. The Centre is the place to manage the logistic and communication resources of Community Involvement, as well as the head office of the Student Council of the UAB (CEUAB), which is the representative body of the students at the UAB.

The Resource Centre for Student Societies has the following facilities:

  • 3 meeting rooms, each with a capacity for15 people, equipped with a projector and a sound system.
  • 1 multimedia space with computers and connection points to the Internet.
  • 1 office for student support services and management of student societies and student councils.
  • 1 free access space with useful furniture to create meeting spaces for societies, as well as 40 private cupboards of temporal use for the material of the societies (Hotel of Entities).
  • 1 multipurpose space with capacity for 50 people, equipped with a projector and a sound system (Sala Annexa of the Hotel of Entities).

The Centre is located in two different spaces, both of them at the Plaça Cívica. The offices and the meeting rooms are in front of the General Newspaper Archives, and the Hotel of Entities and the Sala Annexa are on the first floor of the Self-service Building.

It is open from 10 am to 6 pm, from Monday to Friday, except for the Hotel of Entities, opened from 9 am to 9 pm. To book a room, just go to the Resource Centre for Student Societies, call 935813105, or send an email to