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Screen printing

Screen printing

The Resource Center for Groups offers all the necessary material so that groups can design their own shirts and/or bags. It is a resource so that entities can do their own marketing and thus be able to contribute to the generation of resources necessary for the development of their activities.

To reserve the Screen Printing Space you must fill in the following form. You must also provide us with:

  • Your contact details
  • The image to be screen printed in PNG format
  • The color of ink you want to use (what color the design will be in)

The Community Empowerment Unit provides all the technical material to be able to make the prints and 10 t-shirts for each group that reserves the screen printing space. If more than 10 t-shirts are to be made, the collective itself will have to provide them.

Reuse is important. If you have old T-shirts, you can give them a second life by changing their design.

See this link for more information.

Download the screen printing space user manual.