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Jocs Florals Contest 2021

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The godfather
Arturo Padilla de Juan (Montornès del Vallès, 1989) combines his work as a teacher with his work as a writer. At just sixteen, he wrote his first novel, El poder d’una decisió, with which he won the Jordi Sierra i Fabra Prize. A former UAB student, he has published eight books and has a promising career ahead of him in the literary world. He has won numerous literary awards and competitions and says that, for him, "writing allows him to maximize his imagination and express his feelings."

The competition is aimed at students enrolled in any center, as well as those who have previously studied at the UAB.
Participation in this competition presupposes acceptance of the rules and implies the assignment of the rights of publication, distribution and dissemination in the different available media of the UAB, always respecting the authorship, as provided by the legislation on intellectual property and without any financial compensation.


  • Start of the call: February 15, 2021
  • End of the call: March 15, 2021
  • Awards ceremony: April 21, 1 p.m.

The organization reserves the right to change the deadlines

Delivery of writings
Entries must be original, and plagiarism or copies of existing works will be excluded from the contest.
People participating in the competition will assume full responsibility that there are no third party rights over the works submitted.
Delivery of prizes will be made only in digital format, using an online form and in the following format: Arial font with size 12, with a line spacing of 1.5 and the document in non-editable format, preferably .pdf.
Each participant may submit a maximum of two texts, either in the same category or in different categories.

Participation form

The winning categories will be as follows:

  1. Story creation
    Original works with a maximum length of 5 pages can participate. You can participate in Catalan, Spanish, English, Japanese and Chinese.
  2. Creating poetry
    Original works with a maximum length of 3 pages can participate. You can participate in Catalan, Spanish, English, Chinese and Japanese.
  3. Translation
    Participation will consist of a translation into Spanish or Catalan Creating poetry from a text in English, German or French. The texts can be found by clicking on the links for each language below: English / German / French

May be given awards to 13 works: for each language category of story or poetry category and each category original language translation, whether this is done in Spanish or Catalan.
The winning works will receive a prize of € 100, as well as a copy of one of the works of the sponsor of the edition. The prize will be paid in accordance with the withholdings and current legislation.
The organization reserves the right to forfeit any of the prizes.

The panel that will judge the works presented will be made up of teachers from each of the convening faculties.
The teachers of the Faculty of Education Sciences who will judge the creation-story category are the following: Ramon Panyella Ferreres, Melinda Doodly, Xavier Fontich Vicens and Ana Maria Margallo Gonzàlez.
The teachers of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters will evaluate the category of creation-poetry and will be: Lluís Cabré Ollé, Bienvenido Morros Mestre and David Owen.
The teachers of the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation who will judge the translation category and will be: Francesc Parcerisas Vàzquez, Dolors Udina Abelló, Ramon Farrés Puntí, Montserrat Franquesa Godia, Ramon Lladó Soler and Núria d’Asprer Hernàndez de Lorenzo
The Student Council of the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation will be in charge of sending the texts of the participants to the jury of the different faculties.
The members of the jury and the organized entities undertake to maintain the secrecy of the verdict until the awards ceremony.