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The Coordination Platform

ElDirectori's Coordination Platform

ElDirectori's Coordination Platform is the UAB's associations representative as well as the responsible for being the Assemblea d'elDirectori's spokesperson, occupy the spaces reserved for student societies in the Commission of Evaluation of the Grants for participation of the UAB students, in the Students Council of the UAB and the Commission of Students and Employability, as well as organizing the assemblies' agenda together with Dinamització Comunitària and coordinate relationships and feedback of the actions of the Assembly's coordinator. 

It is formed by 5 students that must be part of one of the student societies enrolled at the elDirectori. The student societies form the electoral list and they are entitled to choose their representatives in the platform. 

  • elDirectori representative to the Alumni and Employability Committee
  • elDirectori representative to CEUAB
  • Member of the Grants Evaluation Commission
  • Member of the Grants Evaluation Commission




Club Alpí Universitari - CAU Ovidi Mallafrè Buñuales
Club Alpí Universitari - CAU Nina Righelato Massague
Ganàpies de la UAB Marc Morató Aliu
FNEC - Federació Nacional d'Estudiants de Catalunya Eros Biasizzo Serra