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To be a delegate it is only required to be enrolled at UAB and be chosen by classmates.
The election process is as follows:
  1. In September, Community Involvement staff and the teaching staff will explain the process, calendar and fuctions to be carried out by delegates.
  2. On a second session at the classroom, and preferably by showing hands, the delegate will be elected among candidates. The result will be communicated in a formal document on the election.

"El Cens" of delegates of academic group is the official registry of UAB delegates and it is managed by the Community Involvement Unit.

Yes, 2 ECTS credits per year may be recognised, for a maximum of three academic years (6 credits).

For this credits to be recognised, 15 hours for the inscription to elCens will be awarded, as well as the hours of assistance to Delegates’ trainning sessions and the hours for acadèmic follow-up meetings at the faculty. Community Involvement and the degree coordination act as accrediting units for this recognition.

The application must be submitted to the academic administration and it is recommended to start the process in the latest years of the bachelor degree.

You can do so by downloading the certificates of attendance to all delegates’ trainning sessions that you will find in the moodle platform for delegates. It is also creditted through the registration to elCens.

Community Involvement offers the Delegates’ Training, sessions of no more than 90 minutes focused on the topics that delegates value the most.

Differentiated sessions are offered for those delegates chosen for the first time, and those who already renew as delegates. The registration for the sessions can be found at the moodle platform for delegates.

Moodle is the platform for all delegates registered in elCens, where they can access the training sessions, find a compilation of documents and tools for their task as delegates, contact other delegates (from the same faculty or at UAB), and receive information for them to share with the acadèmic group.

If you are a delegate but cannot access the platform, please contact

It can be a course, a class, an specialization, etc. It depends on the internal organization of each bachelor's degree. You can consult the configuration of academic groups of your faculty at the Delegates' Guide.

Academic groups are defined by every faculty depending on the structure of the syllabuses of each bachelor's degree.

The registration opens at the beginning of the academic year. If you have been delegate previously, you must fill in the form that you will receive in order to renew your registration. If you have been chosen delegate for the first time, teh registration will be completed in the moment of the election.
For any problems or doubts, please contact

In April 2014 the regulations on delegates of academic group were approved. You can read them here.

You have to recognize the ECTS credits in the faculty where you are enroled. Community Involvement Unit offers a confirmation of the work carried out by delegates throught registration in elCens to make this recognition easier.

In the newsletter published in the website you will find a summary of all the information offered during Delegates Day.

Delegates' training are monthly sessions, a debate and informative space. Delegates have the possibility to choose between the morning session or the afternoon one. Delegates registered in elCens have access to a Moodle platform where they can see the complete programme and register to each session.

The Delegates’ Guide is the basic reference document for all UAB delegates. There, among others, they may consult the basic functions of the delegates, the acadèmic group configuration for their faculty, and get to know the agents and representative bodies with whom they will interact during the development of their task.

Yes, on the twitter account @comunitatUAB you may find all news regarding students’ representatives. Follow they daily life of Student representation bodies, those of our university and also those in which UAB students participate.

The delegate is in charge of the academic monitoring and therefore he or she attends the meetings of the teaching commission of the faculty.

The teaching commission (or similar body) is the body in charge of the academic monitoring in the faculties. The frequency of the meetings depends on each faculty and it is called by the academic coordinator or the vicedean for students of the faculty.

The basic tools of the delegate are the Student guide, the Teaching guide, the Delegates' Guide and the Moodle platform for delegates.

The Student guide explains the functioning of each faculty. There you can find the structure of syllabuses, the services offered in each faculty, etc. There is usually an online version in the website of the faculty.

It is a document that stablishes a contractual relation between students and the teacher. You can find it in the website of the UAB, where there are the study plans of every bachelor's degree, in the section "study".

Delegates solve problems that affect directly to their academic group. If the problem affects to more than one academic group, then the Student Council can serve as a connection to solve the problem in the decision-making body that is competent for it. Often, delegates, as academic representatives, are already members of the Students Council.

No, delegates are the main representatives of the academic group and they are in charge of doing a good academic monitoring.

You will find us in the office R/125 of The Agora Building (R Building) or calling 93 851 4383. Additionally, you can also contact us in the social network facebook and twitter, or sending an email to