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2022 Elections

Elections to the Coordinator of elDirectori 2022

After the elections of 2020, this year we are holding again the elections of the Coordinator of elDirectori, which will take place during the months of April and May.

The Coordinator is the representative organ of the associative network of the UAB and is composed by 5 members, each of which has a specific responsibility and occupies a reserved space for the associative network of the UAB. Its function is to be the loudspeaker of the Assembly of elDirectori.

The next May elections will have some modifications compared to the previous ones, with the intention of simplifying the processes in order to facilitate and encourage the participation of the collectives.  The procedure will be as follows:

  1. First step will be tot publish the electoral list, which will be composed of the collectives registered in elDirectori. Therefore, people interested in presenting a candidacy will have to fill in this form in order to be taken into consideration. Although the candidacies are individual, they must be supported by a collective or association.
  2. At the end of the deadline, the final proclamation of candidatures will be published.
  3. The campaigning period will then begin.
  4. The elections will be held in telematic format, through an online form, on 9 and 10 May.
  5. The five most voted candidatures will be the ones that will be part of the Coordinator.  
  6. At the end of the voting period, the results will be published and there will be a one-day margin for amendments and complaints, before the definitive announcement of the results.

This year's electoral calendar will be as follows:

19 April Election announcement and public display of the electoral list
20 April to 27 April Submission of candidatures
28 April Publication of candidatures
28 April to 6 May Electoral campaign
9 and 10 May Telematic elections to the Coordinator of elDirectori
11 May Publishing provisional results and submission of amendments
12 May Proclamation of definitive results