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Convocatòria 2022

Student Board Supports

The aim of these grants is to support the colleges' or schools' student councils in organising activities on the campus.

The grant must be intended for the expenses generated by an activity organised on the campus and addressed to students in the faculty or center. The activity must be supported and explicitly authorised by the Dean of the School or Management.

From 30 January to 20 December 2023

Who can apply for the grants?
A student council representative, preferably from the institutional address of the student council itself.

Request procedure
The student council of each applicant center will have to fill in the application form, where the act or agreements of the council plenary for the performance of the activity must be attached.

The grant will have to be adapted to the administrative and management procedures established by the Autonomous University of Barcelona and have been requested in good time.

No grants will be processed later on the performance of the activity, nor will any expenses be covered if the payment has already been made.

When receiving the application, we will call you to a meeting to assess the grant, as well as the procedure to follow.