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Convocatòria 2022

Call 2022

Calendar of the call: from January 25 to February 24, 2021

Total budget allocation: €12,500 for the GG201583 project of the Community Development Unit.

Who can apply for grants?

a) The associations of students legally constituted and registered in elDirectori.

b) The student councils, both the general of the UAB and the territorial ones of the different centers.


Applicant groups must fill in the application form attached to the call.

Maximum grant amount:

  1. For each activity, up to 70% of the total budget or a maximum of €600.
  2. For each beneficiary group, a maximum of €1,500.
  3. Each group will receive grants for a maximum of 3 applications.

Transfer of the granted grant:

At the time of resolution, a 60% (provided that the necessary documentation has been delivered to make the payment). At the time of justification, a 40% (provided that the expenses of each activity have been duly justified).

Criteria to be assessed and argued for each application:

1. Campus development.

2. Promoting equal opportunities.

3. Networking.

Composition of the Evaluation Commission: Vice-Rector for Students and Employability, 2 members of the technical team of the Community Development Unit, the student representing the groups in the permanent commission of the CEUAB and 2 representatives of groups of the Coordinator of the Directory.


The resolution of the grants will be made public on March 15.

Where should the documentation be delivered?

There are three ways to deliver the documentation:

  1. Deliver applications for grants in person at the Office of Registration Assistance, to the attention of the Office of the Vice President for Students and Employability, within the period provided for the call. You can find the UAB Registration Assistance Office in the main lobby of the Rector's Office building or in the academic management (gestions acadèmiques) of each center.
  2. By certified mail, the mailing address is:

Oficina d’Assistència en Matèria de Registre de la UAB

Edifici A. Rectorat

08193 Bellaterra (Cerdanyola del Vallès)

  1. Electronic format. You can submit the application in digital format in the Electronic Register. To do this, you must have a digital certificate installed. Here you can check the supported certificates.
  1. Access the electronic register.
  2. Select the generic application procedure, and Perform the procedure with a digital certificate.
  3. Fill out the generic application form.
  4. Attach the digitally signed documentation (form_ajuts_2021).

Only the forms proposed in this call will be accepted