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Financial aid justification

Justification of financial aid for participation addressed to UAB students
Resolution of financial aid grants has been published. Period for justification of aid usage starts now and ends on 20 November 2023.  
Justification must be carried out by filling in a form that you will find in the footnote along with the necessary documentation (make sure to check the instructions on the full procedure). Once you hand over all documentation, Dinamització Comunitària department will revise it and make sure it meets the requirements established in the call.
Remember that you must justify the whole amount of the aid, whose 40 % will only be transferred after its justification.
As stated in the form, a list of receipts that cover the entirety of the grant must be submitted. Original receipts and a brief memory of the activity’s development must be also provided.
Remember that all receipts must correspond with the date and concept of every activity. Thus, you must specify the activity referenced in each receipt.
If an activity for which aid was requested is not carried out, you must fill in the announcement of no performance that you will find in the end of this page.
We recommend you to check the instructions on aid justification procedure to make sure you provide all the information we request properly.


You will be required to submit all the documentation requested (formularity of justification and tickets or invoices) in person to dispatch R125 of the Community Dynamite Unit from Monday to Thursday 9.30h – 14h and from 15h to 17h and Friday from 9.30h to 14h. In case the invoices you use to justify the amount granted are digital, you can submit the documentation by email to

Note that we are asking for original invoices or tickets, so scans or photos of tickets or invoices will not be supported.