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Associate participation in the UAB

Associative participation

Academic recognition activity for people who are part of the entities registered in elDirectori and who lead or manage projects in said entities.

This activity has the following objectives:

  1. Strengthen the participation of the associative fabric.
  2. Promote work by skills of the associative fabric.
  3. Work on the interrelation between the active associations on campus.

Requirements for participation in this activity

  • That the person is part of an active group registered in elDirectori, at least during the last two years.
  • That the management responsibility or the project that leads in the entity can be clearly identified.
  • Only a maximum of two people per collective enrolled in the Directory can be accepted

Requirements for academic recognition

  • In order to apply for the recognition of 2 ECTS, 80% of the training sessions throughout the course must have been actively involved.You can check the schedule at the following link.
  • Participate in two tutorials at the beginning and end of the course.
  • Certificate from the person in charge of the entity confirming that the indicated tasks have been carried out.

There is a limit of places of 20 people per course. Therefore, only a maximum of two people registered per association can be accepted.

To register you just have to fill out the following form. Deadline of registration: 14 november 2023.