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The student clubs of elDirectori


elDirectori is the register of the associative fabric of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. The associations that form part of it have access to resources aimed at encouraging the growth and consolidation of the university's associative fabric. You can consult all the resources in the following link.

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Organization with a social purpose and without a desire for profit that seeks to provide society with scientific tools capable of measuring and evaluating with precision the communication of human values; to promote activities for the development of social and educational values, and to reverse the current crisis of values.

International non-profit organization, global and apolitical, managed by students and recent graduates with the objective that their members complete their academic training with international mobility programmes.

Student association with the aim of disseminating Arab and North African culture, gastronomy and music through the organization of activities on Campus.

Artencurs wants to turn the UAB into a space to create and share art. It is born from the Philosophy degree student’s initiative. It has become an interdisciplinary student society that aims to give a space to talents in artistic and philosophical practices, as well as being a platform of professionalization in different fields of culture and critical thinking.

This society works to create and spread knowledge both at university and the region by the means of aesthetic practices that includes curatorship, creative writing workshops, performance, cultural management, poetry festivals and so on. Every year, artencurs brings to light all projects in which students have been working at the Poetry Festival Gespa Price.

Collective that aims to disseminate theoretical concepts on environmentalism from the point of view of climate and ecosocial justice, confirming ideas based on science and the self-managed struggle to change the imaginary about what environmentalism is. They also seek to contribute to practical ecology at the UAB hand in hand with other groups and institutions.

Assembly of Catalan Philology students that aims to promote and defend the social use of the Catalan language at the Catalan Countries. Besides, it wants to become an authority of representation for the degree students and give voice to the claims of the students.

Group of students aiming to develop activities and debates concerning the libertarian movement. 

Students that promote speciesism and veganism amongst universitary students.

Entity whose objective is to fight the basis of the animal abandonment problem and defend animals through denunciation and information about their needs and rights, promote adoption and sterilization and bring their commerce to an end.

Association that organize activities for physics PhD and for unspecialized students interested by physics. 

The aim of this association is promoting and organizing softcombat and nerf wars activities oriented to whole university community.

Student association with the objective of achieving a truly public education, the improvement of the conditions in the different centres and encouraging socio-cultural activities that promote critical thinking.

Student society that aims to establish a union between Chinese students and the university through the organisation of activities to disseminate Chinese culture.

Association that watches over the health, the feeding, and the control of cat colonies.

Student society of enthusiasts and interested in astronomy and astrophysics, where astronomic trips to observe the sky are organized as well as talks and symposiums to promote the astronomy among the community. It is a place to discuss about topics related to the theme of the society.

Association composed of graduates in Veterinary Science that came up because of the interest in Veterinary Science applied to wild animals.


The Time Bank is a services exchange system among people who help each other by means of supply and demand, abilities or knowledge. The bargaining chip is time, one hour for one hour. The aim is to give, take and share one’s time with other people.  

Group that cares about the interests of gypsy students. Their main goal is to support and help gypsy students before and during their studies, promote paticipation and lidering, and fight against the stereotypes and prejudices that Gypsy people suffer.

Rugby team of the UAB. It is addressed to people from all levels, both for beginners and for people that has already played rugby and wants to enjoy the experience of university rugby.

Young and communist group that works for the defence of the fundamental values of public university and the dissemination of issues such as political economy, anti-imperialism, workers movement and feminism.

Meeting point at the UAB campus for everybody interested in mountain climbing in general and its implied philosophy. The club promotes and encourages any activity related to the mountain.

Association with the aim of promoting Chinese culture among UAB students and fostering cultural exchange with China. It works to create a community of cultural exchange where students can learn new things and practice the Chinese language.

Student society whose objective is to promote, develop and practice badminton, both for fun and in competition, and it is addressed to the entire university community.


Collective that organizes activities on the UAB de Caire LGBT+ Campus and establish a safe space where every queer person who is part of the university community can feel safe.

Group with the objective to show and spread the scientific discoverings of UAB investigators about Latin America and the Caribbean.

The purpose of the group is based on a traditional and folkloric activity typical of Catalonia, the ball de diables (devils' dance), based on burning pyrotechnics while dancing to the rhythm of percussion.

Association of medical students whose purpose is to organize activities that promote the union and cooperation among students, create meeting places to socialize and share experiences and knowledge in the field of medicine. It also organizes informative talks for the dissemination of medical topics.

Organisation whose objective is to make people know about alternative leisure activities: role playing, board games, freak cinema, softcombat practices and collectable cards.


This student society aims to promote political and social debates along with seminars and training courses for students.

Student group of the PhD programme in Education aiming to create a meeting space for students to socialize among the students of the PhD programme, to share thesis progresses, to facilitate the communication with the PhD coordinators and suggest training and to transference activities.

UAB anti- patriarchal student society

Association with the aim of welcoming international students at the UAB, facilitating procedures, welcoming them to the city of Barcelona and promoting both the city and Catalan culture.

Student society that offers the university community a space for meditation and silence. It is a space for people who seek to share a spiritual consciousness focused on mediation, beyond images, words or thoughts.

Estudiantes en lucha emerges to rebuild the militant, revolutionary student unionism and to fight to transform society and to organise the workers' students.

Association whose aim is to ease integration for those students who accessed the university system through the access tests for people over 25 and 45 years old, as well as the rest of students who are 30 years old. Furthermore, they also aim to help with the several academic difficulties that these students may have whilst creating a network to share experiences and the needs derived from the age or the vital moment of these students.

A student union that has been working since 1932 for a free and quality Catalan university. The FNEC UAB wants to continue this struggle, working for a high-quality university and in Catalan, for the elevation of our language and for individual and national freedom with its own state.


Student association that aims to connect people that fight for university and quality public education.

Student society made up of students who like playing videogames and want to meet other students who are interested on the same issue, to share hobbies and organise competitions, amongst many other activities.

Student society whose objective is the dissemination in the university community of the “castells”, a typical Catalan activity, and all the values implied in this practice.

Student society whose objective is to informally develop argumentative skills through activities such as juridical simulations, debates and moot courts.

Group of students who study the Bible. They make dissemination of it and they deduce and spread their practical applications for the daily life.

Horitzó Socialista is the organ of dissemination and reflection of the communist youth of the Catalan Countries. It was born with the desire to be a space for theoretical elaboration and defense of the theses of a Socialist Movement still under construction, still in power, which grows and articulates itself at every moment. This new political space is born from overcoming the theses and political practice of current projects, and breaks with the limitations posed by nationalism and interclassism, the backbone of movements such as National Liberation. We know that we are not alone, that there are many communists who have reached similar conclusions. Horitzó Socialista aims to give voice to all those militants who, in this political cycle marked by the ideological defeat of communist theses and the galloping sharpening of a process of proletarianization, are ready to realize the possibility of a socialist revolution that will give us lead to a world without classes.

Student society whose objective is to organize "Humans vs Zombies", a live simulation game from the USA that is now played all over the world.

Entity composed of second cycle students of the degree studies of the UAB Faculty of Psychology. The organisation has been created with the objective that the students meet each other and enjoy social activities in which bonds are created with the rest of students, as well as share concerns and ask for advice.

Student society whose objective is to promote academic and cultural exchange between Veterinary students from different countries, as well as to encourage cultural plurality, international respect, the English level and the improvement of veterinary skills.

Joves Juristes de Catalunya is the first association for young talented jurists all over the national territory. Internships and conferences of the best professionals in the field.

Political organisation for the pro-independence youth. Network of young people whose aim is to raise awareness and mobilise the Catalan Countries’ youth to work in improving their living conditions.

It is time for Muslim students at UAB to get visibility. We are an active part of society and like any other space of public life, the university has to respond to this diversity. We want to put an end to many prejudices and stereotypes that promote discrimination against Muslim students, put an end to misinformation and misconceptions and fight for the betterment of our situation. For all these reasons, we believe that unity is strength and together we can raise our voice and go far through a good organization. Don't feel alone, join us!

A classy, revolutionary, democratic, feminist, republican, Catalanist, internationalist, secular and independent youth political organization that fights for the rights of the working class and its youth, organized in Catalonia.

The ideological basis of the collective is Marxism-Leninism and they base their analysis, proposal and political practice on historical and dialectical materialism and scientific socialism. Their principles are internationalism, the defense of the right of self-determination, the preservation of the environment, the fight against capitalism, or any other form of oppression of human beings.


Joves Ecosocialistes is a political, social, cultural and secular youth organization that fights for a society of equal, free and diverse people in rights. We organize ourselves to transform the reality that surrounds us, with the desire to create a just, egalitarian, feminist, inclusive, environmentalist and left-wing world. Young ecosocialists believe that the only possible response to guarantee a life on a planet in climate crisis is the guarantee of a life in decent conditions. A life that could not be understood without its reproduction in society, based on the care of one person for the other, also understanding that each society is part of an ecosystem, be it rural or urban, that it is necessary to ensure that it is preserved, and where half of its population, people who self-identify as women cannot be excluded.


Collective that was born to rebuild the communist youth and organize it under the Marxist-Leninist principles.

Student society interested in Korean culture-related activities such as Korean music, language, traditions, food, k-drama, etc.

Student Association that organize activities related with chess.

Self-managed society that works agro-ecology as a tool for social transformation. They are self-taught people for community self sufficiency.

Association of doctoral, master's and post-doc students of the Institute of Neurosciences. They aim is to stimulate scientific interaction by organizing talks, seminars and forums, but also proposing fun activities to socialize and make community.


Association with the aim of promoting knowledge of Asian LGTBI culture and fostering social interaction between the university and non-university community. 

Students that want to spread East Asian (japanese, corean, chinese and taiwanese) cultures, and also organise activities to disconnect from the university in a multicultual and open way.

Student organization of the pro-independence left. Its aim is to become a tool for all students of the Catalan Countries for their self-organization, training and awareness.

Group of young people who, faced with the degradation of democracy in Catalonia and the constant violation of everybody’s rights, are mobilizing in defense of the Spanish  Constitution and the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia, the rights of all citizens of Catalonia and the rest of Spain and the respect for the plurality of ideas in our society.

Non-profit association compromised with the developement of nanoscience and nanotechnology that protects the interests of students and professionals. Their goal is to become a meeting point of the sector, to contribute to the spreading, innovation and formation in nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Student society whose objective is to promote and organize activities related to social dance and swing.

Student society that promotes research and learning in engineering.

Association with the aim of organising racialised students at the University, in order to unify and make visible the different problems they suffer in the academic world.

Community promoting civil rights and republican values.

Student association that promotes international relations. Their objective is to participate in United Nations Models and in academic activities related to international relations.