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British Parlament

23/24 Edition

The aim of the activity is to promote the use of the word and argument as a basic tool of communication, and to make the British Parliament debate model known through action. 

The activity is being carried out in collaboration with the group of students who are experts in this debate model: Argumentation and Debate Group, GAD.  

In the British Parliamentary debate format, each debate consists of four teams, two for and two against, each of which consists of two people. The first team in favor is called the High House of Government (CAG); the first team against, Upper House of Opposition (CAO); the second team in favor, Lower House of Government (CBG); and the second team against, Lower House of Opposition (CBO). At the same time, within each team, each speaker receives a specific name, which determines the intervention orders. Each speaker has seven minutes to speak.  The theme is called "motion", and is different in each round and is not known to participants until 15 minutes before the start of the round.  

The Argumentation and Discussion Group organizes weekly formations throughout the course that will provide tools for participation in this model of debate competition. At the end of each semester, an internal league is organized between the members in order to implement the different knowledge. In addition, the Gad chooses among its members to represent the UAB in competitions at other universities.  

To whom is this activity addressed? 

Anyone enrolled in the university in the current course and interested in this subject. 

To participate in this activity you must be part of the GAD collective, which has a 30, member/society quota, which you must enter in the bank account: ES0501826035480201610415 (BBVA). Payment receipts must be sent to

Date and time:  

Activities start on October 4, and there are 3 mode hours:  

  • Hours 1: 9:30 am to 12:00 p.m. in class 2 of the Central Aulari 
  • Hours 2: 12:15 p.m. to 14.30 p.m. in Class 9A of the Faculty of Law 
  • Hours 3: From 16:00 to 18:30 in Room 4 of the Faculty of Law 

Academic recognition 

Participation in training does not allow credit recognition but participation in competitions. In the event of 1 competition, 2ECTS will be recognized. In the event of two competitions, the recognition of 4ECTS will be made, and in the event of participation in three competitions, the recognition of 6ECTS will be made. Academic recognition can only be made once. 

To register, you only need to fill out this form from 12 September to 30 April 2024