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Workshop space

Workshop space

The Workshop Space of the Resource Center is a multi-purpose space that is available to groups so that they can carry out all kinds of activities and have the necessary resources to carry them out. Here, the collectives can use the sheet metal machine and screen printing space to make merchandising for their activities. See this link for how to apply for and use these resources.

The Community Revitalization Unit, with the collaboration of the entities registered in the Directory, offers a program designed to promote the growth of the associative fabric, its knowledge among the students and to encourage the workshops that are scheduled to generate a positive impact in the university community.

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The main objective of this workshop is to provide the educational community with tools and resources in order to be autonomous in small repairs of typical household appliances. Promoting values ​​and attitudes such as reuse.

Organized by: Community Revitalization Unit, Tecno UAB and Solidança

Day and time: November 29 at 1 p.m

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Workshop to learn the art of henna, to design and learn how to apply henna, to draw the most predominant symbols and their meaning and expand your knowledge about the cultures that use henna.

Organized by: Community Revitalization Unit and Antiracist UAB

Day and time: December 15 at 1 p.m

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Workshop by the Federation of Excursionist Organizations of Catalonia (FEEC) which aims to provide the appropriate techniques and tools to solve emergency situations in the context of mountain activities and to know how to respond in the face of accidents that may occur in the development of the activity

Organized by: Community Revitalization Unit and University Alpí Club

Date and time: February 28 and April 18

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