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Students Council Training

From the Community Involvement Unit, a programme of training capsules has been developed for students who participate in the UAB Student Council.

These sessions will give you tools to develop your role and participate actively in the spaces of representation of which you are part.

How to organize a purple point

Entity in charge of training: Observatori Noctàmbul@s

Date: November 27, 2023

Hours: 13h to 15h

Location: Class1, Postgraduate School

Training designed to give entities tools to organize a purple point for their activities.


Assignment and Teacher Assessment Surveys 

Entity in charge of training: Teacher Quality Office

Date: December 13, 2023

Location: On-line

Hours: 13h to 15h

formation session in which we will discuss how to conduct evaluation and teacher surveys aimed at pupils of the different faculties, so as to know the different views of the students.

This formation is addressed to delegated academic group enrolled in the UAB Cens


Services and circuits to the UAB against masc and LGBT violence

Entity in charge of training: Equality Observatory

Date: December 12, 2023

Location: Multipurpouse Room, Àgora Building

Hours: 13h to 15h

In this formation, we identify the violence contained in the Protocol against mascist and LGBT violence and the activation and circuit of this protocol within the UAB. In addition, we will learn from the protocol, such as the resources for supporting and supporting victims.  Finally, we will see that it is the SAI Point and the name change protocol.

This training is primarily aimed at the delegated people of Equality from the various UAB faculties.


Relays: How to incorporate new people into organization

Entity in charge of training: Escola Lliure el Sol

Date: Febreary 20 and 27, 2024

Hours: 13h to 15h

Location: Sala Annexa, Hotel d'Entitats

Training intended to give the entities tools to facilitate their relief processes: to encourage and prepare them in time, to plan, to perform and to evaluate relief. 

This formation is divided into two sessions:  

  • The importance of relief and mechanisms to ensure a good process (Febreary 20) 
  • Roles and power dynamics within entities (Febreary 27)


Entities Mediation, Resolution and Conflict Management

Entity in charge of training: Quatre Cantonades

Date: April 11th

Hours: 13h to 15h

Location: Append Room to the Hotel of Entities

Formative session intended to provide tools and resources for collectives to resolve internal conflicts in a positive way.

The training will attempt to answer the following questions: What is the conflict? How do you transform us? How do we deal with them? How do we communicate them? What powers do we exercise? What can we do to live together in a healthier way?

This training is addressed to members of the Student Councils and collective members of the UAB's associative tissue.


Government and student representation bodies in the UAB

Entity in charge of training: Community Dynamics Unit

Date: 13th March, 2024

Location: Sala Polivalent de l'Edifici Àgora

Hours: 13h to 15h

The aim of the activity is to publicize the governing bodies and student representation spaces at the university.


Tools for preventing sexism and gender violence within groups

Entity in charge of training: Equality Observatory

Date: March 21, 2024

Hours: 13h to 15h

Location: Sala Annexa, Hotel d'entitats

Formative session to provide tools and guidelines for preventing and acting in cases of sexism and gender violence occurring within the entity, as well as to explain the resources available to the associative tissue on equality and to provide tools to encourage equal participation within the collective.

This training is addressed to members of the Student Councils and collective members of the UAB's associative tissue.


System of scholarships at Catalan universities 

Entity in charge of training: Academic Affairs Area

Date: April 4, 2023 

Location: Online

Hours: 1 to 3 p.m.

Training that aims to teach how the system of scholarships works in Catalan universities, what grants we have, how to request them or what requirements are requested. 

This training is aimed at the academic group delegates enrolled in the UAB Census and the members of the UAB Students' Council.



Student Forum

Entity in charge of training: Responsabilitat Social Universitaria

Date: May 8, 2023

Hours: 11h to 17h

Location: Sala Annexa de l'Hotel d'Entitats

Participate in the Student Forum and share the latest insight into the university's way of working, fair trade, ethics and human rights.

The Forum is made up of three workshops:

Workshop 1 | 11am: Importance of ethical development in university life. Registration

Workshop 2 | 1:00 p.m.: Promotion of fair trade models at the university. Registration

Workshop 3 | 3pm: Risks of violation of human rights at the university. Registration

Registration for each of the workshops is independent.



Representation spaces where delegated equals participate

Entity in charge of training: Community Dynamise Unit

Date: May 14, 2024 

Location: Multipurpouse Room, Agora building

Hours: 13h to 15h

Information session in which we will deal with the spaces in which equal opportunities delegates can participate. What are your functions? We will also discuss the experiences of participation in spaces.

This training is primarily aimed at the delegated people of Equality from the various UAB faculties.