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University Debate League

UAB's University Debate League 2024

Lliga de debat de la UAB

Rules of participation. Edition 2024
The UAB University Debate League aims to promote the use of the word among students, through a dialectic confrontation between several teams, who will have to defend a position for or against a current issue.
Participation in the competition is open to all UAB students who are enrolled in the current academic year 2023/2024.
The competition will be carried out by teams, which will have to be formed by a minimum of 2 students and a maximum of 6. The composition of the teams will have to be equal.
You will have to choose a name that identifies you as a team. All members of the team must register indicating the name of the team they are part of.
Each student can only be part of one team. A maximum of 12 teams will be allowed to participate.
The team must designate a spokesperson, who will act as captain and who will be the interlocutor with the head judge and the competition organisers.

Interested students must fill in the registration form. The deadline for registration is 2 February 2024.
The registration is individual and needs to be completed by all members of the team. On the form, however, you have to indicate the members of the team and which of you will be the spokesperson.

Preparation for the debates:
To prepare you for your participation we offer you a specific training on 13 and 14 February from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.. This training will take place online

On the YouTube channel of the Community Involvement Unit you will find videos of previous competitions that will help you to prepare your interventions.

Academic Recognition
UAB undergraduate students who participate have the option of having their participation in the University Debate League recognised with 2 ECTS credits.
To obtain the academic recognition you must:

  1. Participate in the two training sessions.
  2. Make a minimum of two oral interventions during the competition in any of the debate rounds. 
  3. Make a minimum of two oral interventions during the competition in different debates in any of the debate turns. 

Competition procedure

The competition will consist of participating in at least 3 debates for each participating team and will be held in person at the UAB Theatre Hall.

The competition system will depend on the number of registered teams and will be specified in the Regulations of the XV UAB University Debate League 2024 Edition. If all 12 teams participate, the eliminatory phase will take place on 26th, 27th and 28th February.  The final will take place on Thursday 29 February.

The language
The language of the debate will be Catalan.

The competition will take place between 26th and 29th February.

The theme of the debate will be: Should we be tolerant of the intolerant?

The winning team
The winning team will represent UAB in the University Debate League organised by the Vives University Network (
between the 24th and 26th of april at the Universitat Jaume I, in Castelló).

The organisation may consider the participation of the teams participating in the 2024 edition in other inter-university competitions as representatives of the UAB and reserves the right to extend the composition of the team that participated in the inter-university competitions with members of other teams that have participated in the 2024 edition.

The best speaker

In the qualifying phase, the juries will evaluate the best speaker in each debate. The participant most highly rated by the juries in this phase will be awarded the prize for the best speaker and will receive an e-book as a prize.

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