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Asian Cultural Day

Asian Cultural Day


On March 15, between 12am and 4 pm, the Plaça Cívica will be filled with Asian culture. 9 entities, including student groups and cultural entities will offer a program designed to show the diversity of the Asian continent. You will be able to practice Chinese, Japanese or Korean calligraphy, try Thai, Pakistani, Chinese or Iranian food, participate in the Dragon Dance, see Iranian, Turkish, Pakistani or Chinese dances, and as is tradition, you will also be able to enjoy and participate in the K-Pop Random Play Dance.

Below you can find the entire program of the Asian Cultural Day 2023.

Fair space

Chinese Students Association

Show and try on traditional Chinese clothing (Han Dynasty)
Writing names in Chinese calligraphy
Traditional Chinese games (Riddles, Lanterns, and Kongzhu and Jianzi Show and Quiz)
Sale of food and drinks (Gyozas and Bubble Tea)

Raikantopini Club

Sale of Thai food (Thai Curry and pink milk) and merchandising
Series test
Buddha blessing

Asian Club

Chinese calligraphy
Merchandising sale

Korean Club

Merchandising sale
Sale of Korean drinks and snacks

Antiracist UAB

Pakistani Food Vendor (Gol Gappa)
Exhibition on the cultures of Southeast Asia

Voice of Women, Life and Freedom

Selling Iranian food and tea
Persian New Year celebration ritual
Information on the collective and protest act in support of the mobilizations of women in Iran

Barcelona Confucius Institute

Information about the activities and courses organized by the institute
Dragon Dance Workshop (sessions at 1:15 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.)

Japanese Studies Office - Sakura Network

Write your name in Japanese
Kimono Experience (Show and try on traditional Japanese clothing)

Barcelona King Sejong Institute

Korean traditional games
Korean calligraphy

Scenic Space

1:00 p.m. Random Play Dance, by Korean Club

1:45 p.m. Traditional Chinese dance, by the Chinese Students Association

2:00 p.m. Lion dance, by the Confucius Institute

2:15 p.m. Pakistani dance, by Din Tak Bhangra Barcelona

2:45 p.m. Traditional Persian and Turkish dance and Daf show (traditional Persian instrument) by the Veu de Dona, Vida i Llibertat collective