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Student Branch meetings

Financial aid to fund Student Branch Meetings

Financial aid to fund Student Branch Meetings  
The aim of these grants is to support the participation of faculties’ and or schools’ Student Councils in external meetings.
Such grant will be addressed to the registration or transport of a maximum of two students, chosen by the Student Council, in order to attend a Branch Meeting representing their degree.
Due to measures limiting the mobility for the prevention of the expansion of COVID-19, these finantial aid is suspended. 
Maximum budgetary allocation for economic year
3000 € from the GG201583 project managed by the Dinamització Comunitària department.
Who can request a grant?
Student Councils from faculties or schools in Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.
Request procedure
Each Student Council applying will have to fill in the following application form and attach the call for said Branch Meeting as well as the Student Council document authorizing the student to represent a degree in the Branch Meeting.
Grant payment will be adapted to Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona’s administrative and management processing.
Students will have to send us the certificate of attendance after the event.

Aids granted for the 2020 academic year are the following:
Applicant Student Branch Meeting Aid Amount
Engineering Students' Council  Reunión de Estudiantes de Ingenierías Técnicas y Superiores en Informática (RITSI). 13, 14 and 15 February in Alicante. 1 transports 99,5€
Science Students' Council Asamblea General de la Asociación Nacional de Estudiantes de Matemáticas (AGANEM). 21, 22 i 23 de febrer a Madrid transport 401€
Engineering Students' Council Consejo Estatal de Estudiantes de Telecomunicaciones (CEET). 11, 12 i 13 de març a Màlaga 2