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Delegate for equality

Equality delegates


The creation of the figure of the Delegate for Equality of the students is framed in the application of the operative objective 3. Create the figure of the delegate for Equality of the students, of the measure 1.3.5. Improve the governance of the equality policies of the University, of the IV Action Plan for Gender Equality of the UAB (IV PAG). The action is promoted and coordinated by the Community Involvement Unit in collaboration with the Observatory for Equality.

The Equality delegates:

  • are part of the working group of Equality delegates of the Observatory for Equality.
  • the faculties are proposed to join the centre's Equality Commissions, if they do not have active representation of students. 
  • participate in the centre's Student Council.

In addition, the Equality delegates will have to choose, among themselves, the people who will participate in the following bodies: 

  • 2 people who participate in the UAB Student Council (CEUAB).
  • 2 people to participate in the Equality Plan Monitoring Committee.
Equality delegates persons. Academic year 2022/2023
Centre Representatives
Biosciences Narine Fischer Albiol
Queral Ventura Domper
Sciences Marta Cerrato Franch
Paula Casals Fanlo
Anna Xiu Obradors Castillo
Ariadna Terron Ferret
Educational Sciences Kiara Montoy
Aran Sala Vila
Communication Sciences Gemma Guasch Montesinos
Political Science and Sociology Claudia Cairó Munné
Anna Berthet Martí
Law Mariuxi Meliza Salazar Sosa
Nora Navarro Ruiz
Rocio Gautier Lobo
Economics and Business Ashot Geghamyan
Olga Coll Fullana
School of Engineering Joana Alonso Mayor
Laia Vilardell Castañe
Philosophy and Arts Aimara Ventoso Tubio
Maria Albàs Gómez
Medicine Natàlia Berthet Martí
Emma Rayo Suárez
Psychology Daniel González Rosselló
Hugo Núñez Borges
Translation and Interpreting Minerva Salguero Morente
Anthony Gómez Resina
Miriam Picon Lopez
Veterinary Monica Chavarria
Queralt Giralt Planas