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La Comunitària

Comunitaria UAB

Promoció curs 22/23 Unitat de Dinamització Comunitària

The UAB Community is two cultural days, from 12 am to 16 pm, one at the beginning of a year and the other around St. George, where we can share activities and get to know each other.  

Associations enrolled in the Directory, registration of the associative tissue, student councils and the different services of the campus leave in Civic Square and offer activities at the Fair. It's a good opportunity to meet them all enjoying a good time.   

In addition, you can visit the Civic and share lunch in the square by getting your UAB Community T-shirt with your colleagues and fellow workers or students. 

Furthermore, in the SIS Space, between the B and C Buildings of the central axis, you will also find cultural programming and more activities. 

Finally, you will also be able to enjoy activities in campus facilities such as the Center for Resources for Collectives, the Sala Teatre or the Libraries.

This Community course will take place on 3 October and 23 April from 12 am to 16 pm. Query the schedule on the block (