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elDirectori is the register of the associative fabric of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. The associations that form part of it have access to resources aimed at encouraging the growth and consolidation of the university's associative fabric. You can consult all the resources in the following link.

The requirements, rights and duties of the groups can be found in the Regulation of the Registry of Associations of the UAB. You can consult it at this link.

New collectives

To register a new group you need to fill in the Application for Registration in the UAB Associative Network Registry and submit it to the UAB electronic registry using the generic application option. If you do not have a digital certificate, you can also submit the duly completed document to the UAB Registry Assistance Office or to any academic office.

Contact changes

If your group is already registered in elDirectori and you want to communicate a change in your contacts, you can do it through the form provided.

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