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elDirectori is the register of the associative fabric of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. The associations that form part of it have access to resources aimed at encouraging the growth and consolidation of the university's associative fabric. You can consult all the resources in the following link.

New clubs

Are you a group of students and/or workers who want to organise activities on campus? Are you an association with a delegacy at UAB? Do you wish to create an entity based in UAB? Once you are registered in elDirectori, you have access to participation resources that are managed by Dinamització Comunitària.

If you want to register, just fill out this form and submit it:

  1. In person at the Registration Assistance Office, or in the academic management of each center.
  2. By certified mail, the mailing address is: Oficina d’Assistència en Matèria de Registre de la UAB | Edifici A. Rectorat | 08193 Bellaterra (Cerdanyola del Vallès)
  3. Electronic format. You can submit the application in digital format in the Electronic Register. To do that, you must have a digital certificate installed. Here you can check the supported certificates.
  •  ​​​Access the electronic register
  • Select the generic application procedure, and Perform the procedure with a digital certificate
  • Fill out the generic application form
  • Attach the digitally signed documentation

If you want to read elDirectori's regulations and the rights and commitments that they entail, you can download through this link.

You can register a society from October 1st 2022 to April 30th 2023.

Contact changes

If your society already registered in elDirectori and you wish to inform any contact changes you may do so by filling in this form.