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UAB Cinema Programming

Imatge Sala Cinema UAB

The Cinema has a regular programming of films, documentaries, TV productions, series, thematic seminars and other activities related to the audiovisual industry. The Cinema programming takes place every academic year from September to June.


Tuesday 22nd of November, 13 h 

'ADAM', Spiritual Cinema of Catalonia

The film, directed by Maryam Touzani, shows the social exclusion suffered by widows and the illegal situation of single mothers in Morocco. 

Organized by: SAFOR UAB.


Monday 28th of November, 12 h


A cinematographic experience between fiction and documentary, directed by Esteve Ferrer and Antonio Gil, where more than 100 blind actors and actresses, or with severe visual impairment, are the main characters of eleven thriller, comedy, drama and documentary stories.  

Organized by: ONCE, Didactic Unit of Plastic Expression of the UAB and University Social Responsibility.


Wednesday 30th of November, 13:30 h

'IGNACIO DE LOYOLA', Spiritual Cinema of Catalonia

Drama, directed by Paolo Dy and Azanza Cathy, which is based on the memoirs of Ignacio de Loiola (1491-1556), founder of the Jesus Society, the Jesuit order.

Organized by: SAFOR UAB.


Wednesday 14th of December, 13 h

'THE COMEBACK: LIFE AFTER ISIS', Cineforum: Stories about diasporas in arab world

A film, directed by Alba Sotorra, about the situation in the Roj camp in Syrian Kurdistan, where women who joined the Islamist organization and decided to leave it, were denied to enter again in their countries. 

Organized by: Fundació Autònoma Solidària.


Tuesday 20th of December, 12:15 h

'SOME LIKE IT HOT', by Billy Wilder. Cinema cycle: I'm a writer but then nobody's perfect

The story of Joe and Jerry (played by Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon), who are two musicians who are forced to escape from a revenge between two rival gangs. They can't find a stable job and mafia is chasing them, so they decide to dress as women and play in an all-female orchestra.

Organized by: Department of Audiovisual Communication and Publicity.




Free admission limited to the capacity of the Cinema.
The ticket window opens half an hour before each show.
No seats will be reserved and only one ticket per person will be given.
Location: Cívica Square. Campus Bellaterra.
Capacity: 190 people. 
OV - Cinema in original version with subtitles.