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Mr. Hitchcock presents: crime and eroticism

Imatge Cicle Hitchcock

Mr. Hitchcock presents: Crime and eroticism
From 28th September 2018 to 18th January 2019
Organized by Facultat de Ciències de la Comunicació

Friday 28th September at 12pm
The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog (1927), by Alfred Hitchcock

A serial killer known as "The Avenger" is murdering blonde women in London. Simultaneously, Jonathan Drew arrives at the house of Mr. and Mrs. Bounting to rent a room. The man has weird habits: he goes for a stroll in the middle of the night and keeps a photograph of a blonde woman. The Bounting's daughter, Daisy, is a blonde model who is engaged to Joe, a detective from the police department. She starts to be attracted to Jonathan and Joe begins to suspect he could be the serial murderer. 

Country: United Kingdom / Runtime: 70 minutes / Genre: Mystery / Language: silent film

Friday October 5th at 12pm
Downhill (1927), by Alfred Hitchcock

Roddy, first-born from rich Berwick family, is expelled from high school for false accusations. His family repudiates him and he travels to Paris, where he starts working as a dancer.

Country: United Kingdom / Runtime: 80 minutes / Genre: Drama / Language: silent film

Friday October 19th at 12pm
Murder! (1930), by Alfred Hitchcock

A woman is accused of murder. Everyone in court believes she is the one to blame except a man who is willing to do whatever it takes to defend her innocence.

Country: United Kingdom / Runtime: 92 minutes / Genre: Mystery/ Language: English with Spanish subtitles

Friday October 26th at 12pm
Sabotage: The Woman Alone (1936), by Alfred Hitchcock

Free adaptation from a novel by Joseph Conrad. In London, some years before the war, a mysterious woman starts to suspect that his husband, who is a small local cinema's owner, is cheating on her. London goes dark due to an electricity breakdown and the woman realises it is not an adultery issue.

Country: United Kingdom / Runtime: 76 minutes / Genre: Mystery / Language: English with Spanish subtitles

Friday November 16th at 12pm
Spellbound (1945), by Alfred Hitchcock

Dr. Murchison, the director of a psychiatric centre, is retiring and doctor Edwardes replaces him. Constance Petersen works there and she falls in love with doctor Edwardes. She soon realises that Edwardes is an impostor who suffers from amnesia but she will try to unmask his true identity and find the real Dr. Edwardes.

Country: United States / Runtime: 111 minutes / Genre: Mystery / Language: English with Spanish subtitles

Friday November 23rd at 12pm
Rear Window (1954), by Alfred Hitchcock

A photographer has to rest at home for his broken leg to heal. Even though he has got his girlfriend and nurse's company, he spends all the time observing his neighbours through his binoculars. Due to a series of strange circumstances, he starts to suspect that a neighbour murdered his wife.

Country: United States / Runtime: 110 minutes / Genre: Mystery / Language: English with Spanish subtitles

Friday November 30th at 12pm
Vertigo (1958), by Alfred Hitchcock

Scottie Fergusson is a San Francisco police detective who suffers from acrophobia. He decides to retire when his colleague falls from a cornice while pursuing a criminal. Galvin Elster, an old friend from school, contacts him for a seemingly easy case: watching her wife Madeleine, a beautiful woman who is obsessed with her past.

Country: United States / Runtime: 120 minutes / Genre: Mystery / Language: English with Spanish subtitles

Friday December 14th at 12pm
North by Northwest (1959), by Alfred Hitchcock

George Kaplan, a government agent, is mistaken by a group of spies for an advertising man called Roger O. Thornhill. He is kidnapped by three men who interview him but he gets to escape before they kill him. He comes back with the police on the next day, but there is no trace of the men he had described.

Country: United States / Runtime: 136 minutes / Genre: Mystery / Language: English with Spanish subtitles

Friday January 11th at 12pm
Psycho (1960), by Alfred Hitchcock

Desperate young secretary Marion Crane steals money from her company to help her lover on financial issues. She drives for hours to escape from the city and decides to stop for a while at a small and isolated motel managed by a shy young man called Norman Bates, who lives in the house next door with his mother.

Country: United States / Runtime: 109 minutes / Genre: Mystery / Language: English with Spanish subtitles

Friday January 18th at 12pm
Frenzy (1972), by Alfred Hitchcock

A woman's dead body is found naked and strangled with a striped neck tie in River Thames, London. The body presents signs of rape and other kinds of abuse that makes it look like the killer is a sex maniac. Police is after the guilty, known as the neck tie murderer. They suspect of an innocent man who will go on the run and look for the real murderer.

Country: United Kingdom / Runtime: 116 minutes / Genre: Mystery / Language: English with Spanish subtitles