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Director: Ricard Gázquez

The Theatre Group is an advanced acting and staging course.
Each course relatively unknown classics are revisited or contemporary texts are performed, as well as new creation proposals. The training of the Group is completed with dramatic readings and parallel activities inside and outside the UAB.

The work during the academic year consists of a previous period of acting preparation and ends with a public performance open to the public.

The Theatre Group is composed partially by former members. For that reason, a previous work session is made in order to organise and renew the group in a coherent way, considering the experience, training and involvement throughout the creation process.

The course is free once the admission test is passed and dedication is awarded with 6 ECTS credits or free-choice credits.

Course information 2018/2019

Dates of the course: from October 9th of 2018 to May 2nd of 2019

Dates and rehearsal schedule:
- Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm (from October 9th to February 27th).
- and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm (from 5 March).


Informative meeting

The informative meeting will take place on Tuesday September 25th, at 5.30pm in the UAB Theatre. There, the director of the activity will inform about the work for next course and the functioning of the Theatre Group.

Audition - Work session

The audition for new members will consist in a 3 hours session in order to evaluate from the practice the knowledge and the theatrical abilities of the candidates. It will be necessary to wear comfortable clothes and bring a prepared short text.

The audition will take place on Tuesday October 2nd from 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm in the UAB Theatre.


- To have previous theatre training and experience as an actor by means of courses or workshops in or out the UAB, or by being a member of a theatre group.  
- To attend the informative meeting.
- To attend the audition – work session.
  Registration closed
News! The members of our artistic groups have the opportunity to register for free in the Viu la Cultura activity, which is recognized with 2 ECTS credits if you certify the attendance of a minimum of 16 cultural activities planned at the Theater, the Cinema and the Exhibition Halls of the UAB.