Introduction to Theatrical Performance in English

2020/2021 course: this activity is suspended until further notice.


This introductory course to Theatre Arts is an easy and funny way for students to discover the great range of theatrical possibilities they have by using their body and their voice.
A distinguishing feature of the course is that the scripts and other learning materials used in it are written in English. It is a great chance for students who would like to improve their pronunciation, vocabulary and memory techniques in English. Thus, a B1 level of English will be demanded.
The course will be run by Harris Gordon, a professional actor and director from Canada who will provide students with guidance during their learning process and will help them explore their expression skills.


Direction: Harris Gordon.
Dates: From October 23rd to December 18th 2019.
Hours: Every Wednesday from 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm (With the exception of the 3 sessions in December that will finish at 7 pm).
Course fees: Members of the UAB community, €60; other attendees, €90.
This course has been organized in collaboration with the Community Involvement Unit. (Dinamització Comunitària UAB)

Activity subject to academic recognition (1 ECTS credit).