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Exposició Descartadas

From 30th of January to 20th April
From Mondays to Fridays between 10 a.m to 19 p.m  
Exhibition Hall 
The presentation of the exhibition is on Wednesday 1 March, 1.30 p.m.


«Discarded» is a collection of fifteen photographic portraits and audiovisual material about the poverty and the vulnerability condition of fifteen adult women from the rural communities of Tecoluca, El Salvador. 

The photographic exhibition is an adaptation of the journalistic work of its author, Marc Espín, who between 2016 and 2017 visited more than fifty homes of older people in fifteen rural communities in Tecoluca, located in the region of the Lempa River, to investigate and to document their living conditions. The exhibition, which documents the situation of abandonment of 60-year-old people in El Salvador, exposes the deficiencies they suffer in their lives: health, incomes, gender inequalities, education, security and decent housing. 

The photographic journey encourages people to think about the perception of old age, the difficulties faced by adult women, their causes and the challenges that exist for ageing in a developing country. 

The exhibition is structured in three opening vinyls and five main blocks that refer to the different dimensions of poverty (income, health, habitat, education and violence). It is a compilation of fifteen photographic portraits, each of a different protagonist from a rural Salvadoran community. Each block contains an introductory text and each of the photographs has a caption that tells the story of the women portrayed. 



Descartados, NGO for the dignity of old-age people 

Cultura en Viu 

Media, Communications and Culture Department of the UAB 



Marc Espín, teacher and researcher at the Media, Communications and Culture Department of the UAB