Cultura en Viu

Support for academic and institutional events

One of the main actions of Cultura en Viu is to support the management of academic, institutional and community support activities. It is based on collaboration with departments, centers, institutes, research groups and services of the university to produce, program and disseminate cultural activities on the campus. Here are some examples of activities:

Programming of film seasons and exhibition rights management:

  • Season "History of Cinema" (Faculty of Communication Sciences).
  • Season "Cinema, Economy and Business" (Faculty of Economics and Business).
  • Season "Contemporary German Cinema" (Faculty of Humanities).
Imatge Programació de cicles de cinema i gestió de drets d'exhibició
Professional program of dance, music and theatre:
  • Dance performance "Limbo", programmed with the Master of Social Psychology.
  • Artem Trio Concert, finalist in the Capellades "Paper de Música" 2018, programmed with the Education Faculty.
Imatge Programació professional de dansa, música i teatre

Use and design of activities in the Theatre and Cinema:
  • Work sessions and presentations (Master's Degree in Dance Movement Therapy, Postgraduate Diploma in Communication and Political Leadership).
  • Thesis presentations, TFG and TFM.
  • League of Debate (Community Dynamics).
  • Prizes, conferences, performances, round tables (UAB Emprèn, Fundació Autònoma Solidària, Observatori per la Igualtat, Escola de Doctorat).
  • Master classes (Faculty of Communication Sciences)

Imatge Ús i disseny d’activitats a la Sala Teatre i Sala Cinema

Performances of artistic groups of Cultura en Viu:
Chamber Choir: performances in different events, graduation ceremonies, honoris causa or congresses.
Imatge Actuacions de grups artístics de Cultura en Viu

If you believe we can cooperate and give you support in the programming of an activity in an artistic space or we can give you and specialized advice within the cultural field, do not hesitate to contact us.