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Chamber Choir

Information for the 23/24 academic year

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Director: Poire Vallvé

The Chamber Choir is an initiative created by the UAB Choir to dedicate a space for research in choral singing from the point of view of interpretation and the creation of new repertoires. With the Chamber Choir, the aim is to deepen the training of singers, both vocally and musically, and to expand the dedication and demand with respect to the other members of the Choir with the aim of providing them with a more professional approach.

The Chamber Choir frequently performs in institutional acts inside and outside the UAB. The training is made up of a maximum of 12 members. Membership requires a level test and an interview with the director.


To join the Chamber Choir you must take an entrance exam and a previous interview with the director.

Course dates: from 4 October 2023 to 30 June 2024.

Rehearsal days and times: Monday from 14.30 to 16 h (the whole session with the Choir) and Wednesday from 14.30 to 17.30 h (the first part together with the Choir and the second part only the Chamber Choir).

Recognition of 6 ECTS credits.


VERY IMPORTANT: if you want to become a member of the Chamber Choir, you will have to take the same ACCESS / AUDITION TEST that is required for the pre-registration of new members of the UAB Choir. You can book a day to take the test at this link: UAB CHOIR



- You must have previous experience as a member of other choirs.
- Knowledge of musical language will be valued and, although it is not essential to know solfège, you must have a good ear and the ability to tune.
- You must attend the voice test and the interview with the conductor.
- You must be willing to attend rehearsals regularly and a certain amount of availability and flexibility is required to perform both inside and outside the UAB.