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Campus visits at the UAB YouTube version (S3)

Visita el Campus de la UAB

Learn about the UAB's exchange programmes with Àlex Figueruelo!

Alex Figueruelo stars in the third season of the campus visits to the UAB, a series of videos in which you can learn about the university thanks to the information shared by students. If the first and second season were focused on showing the campus and teaching centres, this year we will show you content related to the exchange programmes the university offers.

All this in less than 5 minutes! And if you want to be a true UABer, you must go to all the places that the campus has to offer!

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How much does an erasmus cost?

Àlex talks about the different aid that we can obtain depending on the program you do and interviews students who have gone on Erasmus to explain what the aid has covered for them and explain recommendations for their destination.

Learning agreement

In this chapter, Àlex will explain to the students all the requirements and steps that must be taken into account to carry out the "learning agreement", a document in which the student and exchange tutor decide which subjects they will take at the destination university.

What is Erasmus?

Can you define Erasmus with just one word? What have your friends who have been on an Erasmus programme explained? Which is the best year to go? These and many more questions and answers in the first video of the VCVY Erasmus Edition.

Where can I go on Erasmus?

We all know how to go on Erasmus, but there are really many mobility programmes with different durations and destinations. Àlex will be in charge of giving advice to a student who really wants to go abroad, but doesn't know exactly where to go.

How do I sign up for an Erasmus?

In order to apply for the programme, Alex will be assisted by two students who have already been on an Erasmus, an exchange programme coordinator, an academic administration manager and a member of the International Relations Area. All of them will explain the previous steps that need to be taken into account before applying in late October.

I have a place, now what?

Àlex will check if they have given him the place and what he should do if he has the confirmation. Later, he will explain with 11 terms everything that has to be taken into account from that moment until he makes the study agreement.