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Campus Visits YouTube version (S02)

Visita el Campus de la UAB

Explore the UAB with Eric and Paula!

Eric Sobrevia and Paula Ferrer take over the relief of Anna Ventura and Sandra Lleida and become the new Youtuber UABers visiting the UAB campus. The grass, the bars, the SAF… o how UAB is pronouncedIn the first season of Campus visits YouTube version we have already visited the faculties, but there is still a lot of UAB to discover.

All this in less than 5 minutes without leaving YouTube! And to be a true UABer, you have to know all the corners that hide the campus.

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Cultura en viu

Cinema, theatre, dance, music, writing... validated by credits and open to everyone. Paula challenges Eric to take a walk through the wide cultural offer of the UAB.

Correbars UABer

To gossip, to experience the UABer atmosphere, to play cards, to share a meal, or a snack, or a coffee, a wok, a panini or a chocolate croissant... Eric and Paula do a correbars UABer and visit the campus bars. Bon appetite!

UAB... or WAP? How do you pronounce UAB?

Eric and Paula have an existential question: how do you pronounce the name of the UAB? U-A-B or WAP? To find out, they tell the UABers, but without realizing the purpose of the test. And the winner is...

How to survive a day at the SAF

Paula hates sports and Eric makes a risky proposal: they will spend a day together at the SAF, the UAB’s Physical Activity Service, and she will be his personal trainer. Little by little, they discover together the offer of sports facilities offered by the SAF, and for only 10€ a month for the whole UAB community, and in the end, Paula gasps and says that...

What is the best corner at the UAB campus grass?

Eric & Paula are looking for the best corner of the grass at the UAB campus. They try the nap and investigate exotic animals here and there, asking for the opinion to many UABers, who give them lots of clues. The conclusion is a big surprise: the best corner at the UAB campus grass is ...