Cooperation and Education for global justice

Cooperation in the FAS

Cooperation in the FAS


The Area for Cooperation and Education for Global Justice of the FAS promotes action, training and research in the area of university cooperation for development among the UAB community.

Our objectives:

  • Offer support to people who form part of the university community (students, administration and services staff, teaching and research staff) so that they can take part in projects and programmes for university cooperation and education for development.
  • Promote critical knowledge of global inequality, its causes and possible alternatives, facilitating practical tools for change.
  • Act as a point of reference for cooperation at the UAB, both in relation to the university community and outside organisations (government departments, other universities and organisations, etc.)
  • Work on the definition, monitoring and evaluation of cooperation and education for development strategies at the UAB.

Our tasks:

  • Management of the UAB Solidarity Fund
  • Advice on topics of  cooperation and education for development
  • Promotion of education for development on a curricular level at the university
  • Complementary training: courses, workshops, seminars, campaigns, etc.
  • Coordination of volunteer and action programmes on the campus
  • Networking with the UAB and other agents in the same area of interest
  • Management APS Office

To progress towards overcoming inequality and achieving social, economic and environmental justice in the world we believe that two lines of work are necessary. On the one hand, aware that this challenge depends on profound change in current power structures and the policies established from the global North, it is essential to promote critical knowledge and  conformity of an active citizenship, especially in the university environment, which needs to be prepared to demand these changes and take part in the construction of new social and economic models that are fairer. More democratic and more sustainable. On the other hand we need to continue to promote higher education in poor countries through cooperation and a strengthening of alliances with universities and civil society, so that they can act as protagonists in development processes.

Current projects

Education for Development at the University (ESDU)

  • Area of action: Education for Global Justice
  • Duration: September 2013 to August 2019
  • Budget: €387,000
  • Financing:  Barcelona City Council, ACCD, FAS and ACUP
  • Place: UAB Campuses in Bellaterra and Barcelona city centre

Description: Initiative to promote the integration of a critical and transformative education focus in university studies. The project has been ongoing since 2013-2014, promoting the articulation of a set of new participative processes channelled towards the design and implementation of the formulas for a curricular approach to EfD at the UAB and at the level of all Catalan universities. This is carried out using a networking strategy which brings together centres and faculties, staff, students, associations and other agents with university competences. 

MAR Project: Migrations, Asylum and Refuge at the University. Consolidation of the university as an agent for change in favour of the rights of refugees and migrants.

  • Area of action: Education for Global Justice
  • Duration: September 2013 to August 2019
  • Budget: €43,893.39
  • Financing: Barcelona City Council, ACCD, FAS and ACUP
  • Place: UAB Campuses in Bellaterra and Barcelona city centre

Description: the aim of the project is to consolidate knowledge of the fundamental causes of forced displacements and facilitates tools for action in terms of social participation in the university context in Barcelona. It also aims to act directly to ensure the improvement of university practices in the acceptance of refugees and migrants and the academic approach to  human rights and migratory phenomena, especially in the face of situations in which the rights of refugees and migrants are violated. To do this, a global action is planned based on curricular content, training, awareness-raising and mobilisation of students and the university community in general as well as institutional action at the level of the Catalan university system.