Cooperation and Education for global justice

Incidència curricular a la UAB

Process of reflection and inclusion of content, skills and values guided by EfD in Bachelor’s degree courses to promote the achievement of competences and the role of the UAB in producing global citizens.

  1. Workshops on the Objectives of Sustainable Development: Teaching proposals in a theory-practice workshop format with complementary activities for further learning to promote knowledge and critical reflection on current crises and challenges regarding the OSD from a glocal perspective of inequality and facilitating tools for action to change them. This is carried out within the framework of a number of subjects from different disciplines and designed collaboratively with the professional involved.
  1. Specialisation in Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship: This interdisciplinary course, coordinated by the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology is aimed at Bachelor’s degree students on any course at the UAB and is taken as an optional credits course. It offers analytical tools to understand the dynamics of structural inequality generated by the prevailing model and deals with paradigms of development founded on the principles of economic, social and environmental sustainability. At the same time it facilitates knowledge of strategies and mechanisms for public participation with a view to potential change. Website of the Specialisation in Sustainable Development
  1. Sustainable Development and Global Justice Awards for Final Degree Projects: An annual competition to select the best Final Degree projects in the area of sustainable development and global justice. The aim is to promote interest in research in the following areas: sustainable development, social economics, human rights, governance and participative democracy, conflict and peace-building, migrations, social movements, education for global justice and community health. Information about the Sustainable Development and Global Justice Awards for Final Degree Projects

  1. Training aimed at university teaching staff: Courses and workshops specialising in content, methodology and resources for EfD, in coordination with the UAB Office for Teaching Quality. We have created and included in the permanent training plan two courses aimed at facilitating tools for developing competences of critical thinking and ethical commitment in teaching. There are also tailor-made training activities linked to the School of Engineering and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine centred on questions in the area of sustainable human development and food sovereignty, respectively.
  1. Higher Education Teaching Innovation Group: The teaching innovation group of the UAB “Transferable competences of critical thinking and ethical commitment for improving learning” is an interdisciplinary group linked to the Institute for Economic and Social Development (IDES) which offers a space for reflection on teaching around the two transferable competences and orientations for transfer to teaching practice. UAB teaching innovation groups
As a result of the work of this group and that of the two training sessions that have taken place, a conceptual framework has been defined on the competences of critical thinking and ethical commitment which has been published in: 
  1. Teaching resources bank: A collection of teaching proposals and resources for application in the university classroom included in the new resources network for transformative education promoted by EduAlter. University collection

  1. Education for Development Groups in Faculties (GEDEFF): Horizontal working groups currently active in the faculties of Economics and Business, Veterinary Medicine and the School of Engineering to promote Social and Economic Solidarity, Food Sovereignty and Sustainable Human Development, respectively. They are made up of members of the office of the dean, teaching staff, students and social organisations. They discuss the academic treatment of these subjects and offer proposals for their specific inclusion in course syllabuses
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