Cooperation and Education for global justice

0.7% Campaign

With the objective of constructing a supportive and committed university, at the beginning of each academic year the 0.7% campaign is launched, aimed at the whole university community. Contributions by students, teaching staff and administration and services staff, together with the contribution by the UAB, make up the UAB Solidarity Fund.

If you are a students and you want to donate your 0.7% all you have to do is tick the box on your registration form. You 15-Euro contribution will go towards financing initiative for cooperation for development in developing countries in areas such as education, health, environment, agriculture and democratic governability. Tick for solidarity. Tick for cooperation.

Where did the 0.7% Campaign come from?

The huge impact of the Balkans War (1992-1995) generated solidarity campaigns around the world and, in the case of our university, these specifically focussed on taking in Bosnian students. During the same period a new international solidarity movement around the claim for 0.7% in official aid for development, as recommended by the UN organisation in 1972. Young people around the country camped out in various cities under the banner of the 0.7% during the winter of 1994-1995.

In 1992 the first solidarity fund was set up with contributions from departments and centres of the UAB and the Comissió Autònoma Solidària was also set to manage the contributions. The same year a campaign was launched aimed at teaching and administration and services staff at the UAB calling for support to expand the fund. Two years later a similar campaign was launched aimed at students. 

In November 1994, the UAB Senate decided to donate 0.7% of its income budget to actions of cooperation for development. This commitment has been maintained with different application criteria to the present day, although the tendency is for a minimum annual contribution.

History of student registration contributions

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