Cooperation and Education for global justice

Collaborating groups and entities

Research groups

Of the more than 400 research groups that exist at the UAB, only a few work in the areas of research linked to questions of university cooperation and education for development:

  • Research centred on studies in poorer countries in any discipline.
  • Research focused on the strategies, policies and actors in cooperation and development.
  • Research interested in the conception and theories of development.
  • Research focused on conflict analysis and peace building
  • Research into educational methodologies for the promotion of critical citizens
  • Research linked to processes of public participation and the study of social movements etc.

Below is a list of the UAB research groups that are active in the area of applied research on development:

Centres and institutes

Groups and organisations

The UAB campus has a broad and diverse associations network with many groups and organisations linked to questions of cooperation for development, international solidarity and human rights. Some of the groups are limited to the UAB while others form part of Catalan or Spanish associations or movements which have created active groups at the UAB.  

For more information:
Directory of groups at the UAB